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Book: Living Without False Guides by Timur Kustarev

Book: Living Without False Guides by Timur Kustarev

categories: Book, Self-Help, Personal Growth, Interpersonal Relations, Family Life, Happiness, Psychology


Timur Kustarev

Author Timur Kustarevabout this book: To all of you interested in the topic of "self help" and psychology in general I am happy to introduce a new publication – a book called "Living without false guides". This book may be of particular interest to those of you that are tired of trite and trivial reflections on psychology related topics.

The picture on the front cover is a symbolic representation of what often happens in our mind. The man wearing a blindfold is like our mind. The hand drawing a non-existing bridge is a false guide, an incorrect mental attitude that exists in our mind. Walking over this bridge takes us to a fictitious goal; in real life, we often "draw" such imaginary bridges. Can the man in the picture take off the blindfold and choose the way for himself without the dubious help of this strange hand that directs him along a precarious road? Can our mind be aware of what is truly happening in our lives without any false mental attitudes and internal guides that lead us to doubtful results? Can we take off the blindfold and have more certainty in our lives? If the answer to these questions was "No", this book would simply never have been written.

Why is self-help? Why are the topics of psychology and self-help so enduring and long-lasting? Think about it: even before the Common Era, there were people that gave other people advice on how they should live. Hundreds and thousands of years have passed since the time of Buddha, Jesus Christ and Socrates, and yet psychological topics have not been exhausted. Dale Carnegie and Louise Hay write their books, 'The Secret' movie is made, and there are many other examples of this continuing trend.

I believe that the reason for this lies in the following: the topic of psychology is always so vitally important because it gives us food for thought – for our soul and our mind. Information is what sustains our mind and our psyche.

Can one lunch satisfy a person's hunger for the rest of their life? No, it is impossible – a person may fill their stomach with enormous amounts of food, and yet after some time they will feel hungry and want to eat again. We need food all the time – food is what sustains our body. Information sustains our mind and soul. In the same way as one breakfast or lunch cannot satisfy our body's need for food for the rest of our lives, one book cannot satisfy our mind and soul for the rest of our lives. I think that is the very reason that books exist – they satisfy our mind's need for information. The topics of psychology and self-help are so enduring because in them we look for answers to unanswered questions about what happens to us in life. We want to understand it, and we keep looking for these answers.

Thank you!

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