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Book: Black Caviar by Psymon H.

Book Review: Black Caviar by Psymon H.

categories: Book, Suspense, Urban Thriller, Psychological Suspense Thriller, Crime, Psychological Thriller

Psymon H.

Author Psymon H.about this book: Every action has a reaction; it's the one rule the Chicago underworld Hall Of Famer, Daman has yet to learn and the one statute that could cost him his life. Dangerously walking the thin line between routine and sudden jeopardy, his fragile mind is put to the test when an unseen enemy lurks in the shadows while orchestrating an unsightly game of cat and mouse. When an innocent bystander is executed in the heat of the moment, it throws Daman head first into a psychosomatic mind-bending game where there are no rules. His best friend, British law abiding Cruz, find's out how treacherous life can really get when an online love affair with a mystery woman turns out to be his and Daman's worst nightmare.

On the other side of town a young woman befriends a man whose charm and smooth talk quickly turns into something much more sinister. Her life is about to take a nosedive with catastrophic effects for everyone involved. Weave these three mini narratives together and out pops a hair-raising story that could possibly make you late for work. It's the 'kind of adult book series you can't put down, however much you try. By the end of chapter episode 1, you'll be firmly in the box seat, by chapter episode 10 you may find yourself switching off your phone as this explosive double eBook grabs you and puts you in a headlock with just enough room to turn the page. By chapter episode 40, the suspense may kill you.

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 Great Start To An Exciting Book Series

Hi, I'm Amber and I would like to share my take on the Black Caviar series so far.

I'm in the privileged position of knowing the author Psymon H., and when he first told me he was writing a book series, I was happy for him but boy was it a long wait, it almost was like the boy crying wolf, so when he sent me the email stating it was listed on Kindle and accompanied the message with an advance copy, I almost didn't believe him. Psymon H. also asked me to answer a group of questions which I've added to my psychological thriller book review.

• What was my overall take on the first two books?
The first word I would use to sum up the Black Caviar book one and two is "Surprising." Although, Psychological thrillers are not my first choice when it comes to reading, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised how Psymon H. managed to weave in good suspense and humor in such a dark and deep story. The added sexy elements were well crafted and exposed how some of the characters expressed themselves for the good of the story. The fact he was able to end nearly every chapter in such a manner where I was almost begging for more, impressed me. I also appreciated the way he made it possible to visualize both ends of the Gangster theme from Daman to Anna.

• Favorite Character?
That's easy, it's Audreya. It was great to see a female character strong enough in thought and spirit to go and take on Daman. The way she influences the story and coolly engages others while manipulating the scene, gave her the edge over Daman who turned out to be the character I loved to hate.

• Saddest Moments?
Now, this was hard as there were two standout moments that brought a tear to my eyes. Without spoiling the story, I will just name the chapters, Episode 73: TREACHEROUS JOURNEY DOWN MEMORY LANE and Episode 34: SKY DIVE. Both these chapters were well written and almost made me feel like I could reach out and touch the characters and give them a hug.

• Funniest Moments?
Again, I could have chosen three or four different chapters, but I'm going to stick with Episode 29: THE SETUP. This made me laugh until I almost wet myself. I so much want to go into detail but I'll let you read it.

• Sexist Moment?
Considering there were quite a few different moments where the reader may want to take the book to the bedroom, I'm going to settle for Episode 48: LOVE AND GUILT vs. SHARE ANGER. This for me did more to describe the danger both Daman and Jane found themselves in and how it manifested itself in an all-out vividly sexy scene.

• Psychological Thriller Book Review: My Conclusion?
I was disappointed with not getting to know Jane as a character in her own right but felt she played an important part. I was calmed by the sudden twist and turns of the story especially the relationship between Daman and Cruz, which had me screaming out a few times, "Why the hell are you involved with such a man like Daman?" The question was defiantly answered in the most unexpected manner. The icing on the cake was how the three mini stories intertwined into a superb drama. The cherry on top was the book blurb for Book 3 in the series. A Highly recommended read and an author with a bright future.

The end of my psychological thriller book review.

Regards, Amber [by Amber]

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