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Book: The Divine Affliction by Robert M. Fleisher

Book Reviews: The Divine Affliction by Robert M. Fleisher

categories: Book, Mystery, Action Adventure, Suspense, Terrorism, Prions, Conspiracy, International Crime, Psychological Thriller


Robert M. Fleisher

Author Robert M. Fleisherabout this book: The impetus for writing The Divine Affliction came from my interest in prions. You actually heard about them already, in the form called mad cow disease. Prions cause deadly, little understood diseases that affect cattle and humans. The more I read about these mysterious protein particles, the more I wanted to incorporate them into a novel. Once you start reading, you will be introduced to prions on the very first page. The Divine Affliction is an international mystery, thriller, spanning the globe. Lawyers working for the Department of Justice go on a reluctant mission to stop threats against the American people. Several players are plotting to destroy America. There are three motives: greed, vengeance and fanaticism. These are the forces that have caused all wars throughout history. You decide if any will succeed. The Divine Affliction has Biblical references and tells a story where, perhaps, the Noahic Covenant is coming to an end. Why is there so much violence, depravity and sickness in the world? Is there an explanation that everyone is missing? It's time to find out. Author, Robert Fleisher created an interrogation scene that makes the one in Marathon Man look tame. Not for the faint of heart.

• "I enjoyed your story, which rarely happens when I edit." — Mike Garrett, Stephen King's First Editor

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 A Premonition

The characters and settings were excellently described. The author,Robert Fleisher, enabled me to travel with his characters, to see and smell wherever he took me. The plot was eerie and disturbing and brilliant in foresight, to say the least. Robert Fleisher made me feel that "this could happen" while I was reading it. A premonition to reality! [by Sharon Daleo]

 Highly Recommended

Broad-shouldered Derrick Daniels goes beyond his duties as a lawyer when he becomes involved in thwarting a riveting plot to destroy the United States from within using THE DIVINE AFFLICTION, a dangerous memory-altering form of biological warfare.

When Derrick is forced to journey to the Middle East to head an investigate for the Justice Department, he uncovers an international conspiracy that could wipe out the entire population. Will he unearth the secrets of the memory-altering serum that threatens to bring the nation to its knees? Or will he fall victim to the violence that has engulfed his life?

The plot of THE DIVINE AFFLICTION—the intrigue of a biological threat against the United States—naturally lends itself to the mystery/suspense genre and feels particularly topical in our post-9/11 world.

In the end, THE DIVINE AFFLICTION is very much worth reading. The story moves along, the main character connects with the reader, and the author's gift for dialogue and pacing constantly ramp up the tension in proper thriller fashion.

 I must read it again ..

All I can say is WOW. I love mysteries and thrillers and this had it all. I could not put it down. The idea of unrelated plots peaked my interest and definitely added a great suspense factor. Needless to say I have to read it again. Definitely makes you think.


Divine affliction is a page turner, full of suspense and vivid descriptions that put me in the time and place of every scene. It combines the medical, biblical, and philosophical in a cohesive way, and gave me the opportunity to explore "the human condition" as I understand it. A book of knowledge and reflection! I highly recommend it.

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