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Book: Principles from the Book of Micah for Our Time by Collin Carbno

Book: Principles from the Book of Micah for Our Time by Collin Carbno

categories: Book, Non-Violence, Feminist Theology, Social Gospel, Prosperty Gospel, Aviolence, Prophecy, Word of Faith, Arbinger, Peace, Economic Crisis, Pentecostalism, Prophets


Collin Carbno

Author Collin Carbnoabout this book: There are probably a zillion books out there on the biblical book of Micah but I want you to know -my book is nothing like any of them! I believe that my book has an utterly unique approach to this minor prophet. It reads deep into the text of Micah, pulling out underlying principles around violence, and corruption in society. Principles that go by many names as strange as that of the Maroth Principle, Shaphir Principle and so on. These principles of Micah are just the starting point to launch out into a deep look at non-violence, corruption, and how to remove it from our society. I examine the text from context of the prophetic jump that is ideas are so radical, so unbelievable that they have been called the prophet jump -- which are still true today, and have the power to transform our world.

What is prophet? What is the role of a prophet? Why does God send messages via prophets? Are there prophets today? Are we learning from them? I select a number of folks that I think might qualify as modern day prophets, and I examine in detail their philosophies and principles that they live or lived by. People like Walter Rauschenbusch (Social Gospel) , Martin Luther King Jr. (Non-violence -civil rights), Gustavo Gutierrez (Liberation Theology), Mahatma Gandhi (non-violence), John Heagle (justice rising) Michael Nager (Aviolence) and Rosemary Radford Ruether (Feminist Theology) are considered. Also into the mix are movements like Gospel of Prosperity and its opposite Gospel of Asetic Life, New Thought, Work of faith, and other faith movements. What do they tell us? Can we learn from them too? Even modern business organizations such as Arbinger are considered. Imagine books written and a businesses built using a single principle "Treat people like people, not objects". Isn't that what Micah the biblical prophet was saying so many years ago? Like the people of old, we may not always agree with everything these prophets say; and lets face it they say some pretty strange things, but usually their motivation is right.

In the context of the book, we also look at a modern crisis, the 2008 financial crisis. Did God send prophets to warn it of that, and are these things a matter that believers care about? Are there moral causes to the 2008 crisis. Were there crooked bankers that sold morally questionable mortgages to pension funds to blame? Why did we have companies promoting nothing-down, no payment for 2 year, mortgages on million dollar homes, being given to people on minimum wage? Did anyone really think they wouldn't walk away from the mortgage when the payments started to kick in?

Overall there piles of principles in the book; a feast of things to apply in our lives to get us closer to God, and to transform things for the better. These concepts are portrayed as nothing more than different ways of expressing the principles that God's prophets told us about long ago. God is slowly bringing to us into a deeper understanding of the nature of man, and his problem of sin. Throughout the book, there is also a theme of the invisible hand of God. Where is God? Why is he allowing all this bad stuff to happen? Or is he? Is there punishment?

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