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Book: Why is it that my kite won't fly? - The Power of Strategic Project Management by Roberto Rodriguez Esteves

Book: Why is it that my kite won't fly? - The Power of Strategic Project Management by Roberto Rodriguez Esteves

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Roberto Rodriguez Esteves

Author Roberto Rodriguez Estevesabout this book: Have you ever wondered why it is that project execution is so inconsistent! How come failure rate is so high? Statistically, only one in every three project fulfills the requirements set for it at the beginning of the execution journey. Many projects overrun their budgets and schedules, or worse yet, do not meet their intended purpose.

I not only have wondered about it, but have made it a problem to which we need to find a permanent solution now, such as “Cancer”, and have decided to be a contributor. Years of research, auditing, and direct project management and execution, have allowed me to gather the necessary data to formulate a solution that works. My discovery! the issues are more associated to soft skills than technical knowledge.

This analysis has motivated me to think of potential analogies between day to day life activities and executing projects, which I would then use to draft effective responses (strategies) to overcome project failure. The selected analogy was flying a kite and managing a project… What a great analogy! Yes, imagine that your kite is your project and you are trying to make it fly. How much do you have to run to make it take off? Is the kite adequately constructed? Is the tail long enough to create the necessary balance? Is the line long and sturdy to let you cope with wind changes, and reach out into the open sky? Do you have the skills to pilot it? If you have experienced some failure, what is causing it? What are the risks of flying it over an electrical line or during a storm? Why is it that you may not be getting the kite to fly?

I have written a book, “Why is it that my kite won’t fly?” that expands on this analogy and provides the reader with multiple strategies to elevate performance at project organizations and assure success at flying kites (executing projects). Ten chapters to cover this complex subject and present concrete strategies to improve effectiveness in execution, while leading to more sustainable project organizations:

Chapter One: A Distinctive Approach to Projects is born
Chapter Two: Why Aren’t the Kites Flying? Project Failure Continues to Rise
Chapter Three: Fundamental Areas of Management to Get Kites to Fly Again
Chapter Four: The Human Factor
Chapter Five: Coping With Change
Chapter Six: If Risks Weren’t There, Life Would Be Boring
Chapter Seven: Quality as an Intrinsic Variable, Naturally Achieved
Chapter Eight: Integrating the Thoughts to Achieve the Desired Results
Chapter Nine: Transcending into a New Project Execution Culture
Chapter Ten: The Quest to Be Inspiring and Extraordinary

This is a book that challenges the traditional practices and theories that don’t seem to lead to successful project execution. The language used is simple and informal, allowing the message to reach even those professionals not necessarily involved in project management and execution, or with little experience in this complex area of the business.

As a reader, you are going to be fascinated by the simplicity of the analyses performed and by the distinctive approach given to the solutions and strategies that follow.

This book is about people, about leading people, about learning how to be a better project professional.
You will find the book useful and inviting!

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