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Book: Procrastination by Thab'sile Thabang Ledwaba

Book: Procrastination by Thab'sile Thabang Ledwaba

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Thab'sile Thabang Ledwaba

Author Thab'sile Thabang Ledwabaabout this book: This book is a real life and game changer targeted to readers of all ages as procrastination affects everyone even the most courageous of leaders. I was inspired to write this book by my own procrastination and how I broke free, conquered, won and succeed at the end.

I have sat down and calculated my losses due to procrastination and they were so massive!

I had realised that the cost to the economy due to procrastination runs into billions and billions every year as people sit and do nothing with their inventions, innovative ideas, potential, creativity and self-improvement opportunities that limit their success and potential at the end.

Most of companies and manufacturers productions are very low every day because of the procrastinating employees who aren't productive enough.

I realised millions of people die with their potential and that is serious losses in opportunities and time that can unfortunately never be recovered.

I have personally seen people who dream of winning the lottery jackpot even though they aren't even playing at all.

I have also seen people who get the wake-up call when someone successfully run with the idea similar to theirs and the difference is that they failed to act on their ideas to give them a try and make them a success.

Youngster often procrastinate on their studies due to peer pressure, drugs, bad company, poverty, low self-esteem and lack of self-belief.

Most individuals are such chronic procrastinators that they can't even make appointments for health check-ups leading to potential future work stoppage due to illnesses that they could have managed if it weren't for their procrastination.

It is also proven that most of athletes who were once performers and achievers suffered heart breaking setbacks that cost them their success due to procrastination.

This books is really for everyone who really wants to conquer their serial procrastination habits, change their life and game to make a success of their live.

It has helped a lot of professionals, entrepreneurs, students, corporate, athletes, individuals and governments as an enabler and tool for innovation, competitiveness, creativity, planning and thinking ahead so that they can achieve success to reach their potential and go beyond.

It is all about changing the behaviour, mind-set, attitude, the way of doing things, the way of talking to others and taking ownership of one's destiny.

I chose the subject because it is the hot topic that no one wants to talk about and face. It took me six days to write this book and I was inspired by the behaviour of people that I witnessed every single day. I coupled the behaviour with the research to make it easy for the readers to relate.

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