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Book: The emperor is naked - volume 1 by Joe M. Heads

Book: The emperor is naked - volume 1 by Joe M. Heads

categories: Book, Social False Logics, Customs and Traditions, Old Habits, Wrong Beliefs, No One Truth, Self Development, Practical Philosophy


Joe M. Heads

Author Joe M. Headsabout this book: We have all read the wise sayings of the most known philosophers throughout history, or at least those we heard of. Their wise sayings make us wiser, and are nice and amusing. They even sometimes affect our personality's development. But I did not find them actually influencing the daily life. That is why I created this series of books dealing with practical philosophy, displaying useful wisdom for our reality, for a better life. Every volume of this series deals with different evolving subjects, combining and following each other to the next part.

The main idea of a practical philosophy is that knowing and fully understanding the system on which we are working, leads to the most efficient solutions. I understood this idea from failing while trying to solve problems without knowing the subject well. To my surprise I meet grown people that didn't learn yet: – as they still offer solutions to problems they know nothing about. For example a car owner that has no clue about mechanics deciding what parts the car mechanic must replace?! And there are similar problems with professions which are not known completely and are handled through fixed formulas or by trial and error. In medicine for example – they don't always succeed because no one fully knows the body's systems of life.

An important advantage of the practical philosophy lifestyle is the confidence you can approach many situations in life, and then achieve tranquility and peace, because you will shake away the frustration and many worries – a result which I have arrived to. With your understanding situations you can change also habits.

The first volume posits that we do not know the secrets of nature and so our thoughts and opinions are far from reality. The knowledge we possess is so small that one could say we know nothing about the universe, despite the vast technological knowledge we have in so many science fields. To illustrate this concept we use the "Great Mosaic" model, painting the subject almost visually. Every person, on every subject, is missing pieces of information, which is why people's opinions are so different from one another, while each thinks their opinion is the right one. From that comes a general agreement that for each situation there will be different opinions, all of which are true. Practical philosophy shows that in most cases there isn't even one correct opinion.

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