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Book: Eximus by Marcus Wearmouth

Book: Eximus by Marcus Wearmouth

categories: Book, Apocalypse, Science Fiction, Action, Nuclear War, Nanobots, Future, Adventure, Bunker, Technology, Survival, Horror, Post Apocalyptic


Marcus Wearmouth

Author Marcus Wearmouthabout this book: Eximus is a post apocalyptic action novel. I'm obsessed with the near future and where the human race will go in the next 20-30 years. Technology is advancing unchecked in so many areas yet we still maintain political, economic and religious conflict. There is no accurate way of predicting what will next but I've given it a shot!

I researched bunker building by the US and use of mines as safe zones. What scared me more than anything is that there is no plan for the general population if an apocalyptic event occurs. Your taxes pay for governments to plan for the future without you in the equation. There are other bunkers built for corporations and the wealthy - no one really knows the extent of bunker building. Of course there are also preppers in the general populace but they relatively rare.

Next I looked at how our human body will change in the future. There is no way organic bodies such as ours will scour the universe in giant spaceships. Doesn't make sense, unless both technology and our physiology advance beyond our wildest dreams. Even if we improve our bodies, our minds will not be capable of keeping up with computer power.

Scary thoughts but this is where we are heading. On a blind collision course towards our great filter moment. The point where we either survive, disappear or change beyond recognition.

Eximus took me 2 years to write. That isn't full time but over many intense periods that sent me back to the drawing board on more than one occasion. I wanted to make the story believable both logically and scientifically. I visited two saltmines, an old second war bunker and a nuclear power plant to research locations..

I hope anyone who is interested in the near future, post apoc and science fiction will enjoy the book. Its been a pleasure to plan and write the story. I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on the book or their own ideas about post apoc fiction.

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