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Book: DAEIOS - 140 FEET DOWN by Colleen Eccles Penor

Book: DAEIOS - 140 FEET DOWN by Colleen Eccles Penor

categories: Book, Female Protagonist, Dystopian Book, Suspense, Near Future, Thriller, Metoo, Dark, Disturbing, Revenge, Breeding, Dystopian Thriller, Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction


Colleen Eccles Penor

Author Colleen Eccles Penorabout this book: DAEIOS: 140 FEET DOWN is a dystopian thriller with overtones of The Handmaid's Tale.

It's about a young survivalist woman and her family who flee apocalyptic weather to seek safety deep underground in a shelter called Daeios. At first it seems like they'll have a comfortable existence for their shortened lives – they have about a year's supply of food. But the Elders of Daeios start punishing the Daeiosians without explanation and some people disappear into the utter darkness. What happens to those who disappear into the darkness of a shelter that's locked down? Then the Elders announce that they'll breed with all fertile females to repopulate the earth. Shea knows she must breed with a sadistic senior man and bear his child or fight, risking her life and the lives of the other Daeiosians. She vows that her family must not disappear into the darkness.

My inspiration for writing the book was mostly current world issues. We see it in the news every day: climate change, racial tensions, abortion rights, drug addiction, men assaulting women and the MeToo movement. Although this isn't a political book, I took these issues and imagined what they might look like in 2034. DAEIOS is the first book I attempted and it took me about two years to write, although I did revise the last section some time after that.

My first idea was to write a dystopian story with humor, because don't people use humor even when they're in the direst of circumstances? We see it in horror movies, action movies, thrillers. But the darker Shea's story became, the less the humor made sense, although I did leave Shea with some sarcasm. The humor is the reason I rewrote the last one-third of my book, to remove the most humorous part and some additional characters that took the book off on a tangent, away from Shea's dark situation. The book is now mostly dark from cover to cover, a thriller, and is a much better book than the way I first wrote it. I do miss the character Norman, a giant Daniff puppy, and hope to use him in another story or a play.

The hardest part of getting DAEIOS ready for publication was coming up with a title. I went through multiple words and phrases that would fit a religious shelter or emphasize that the inhabitants would be surviving. I looked at several different languages, and everything I tried came up too many times in Amazon and Google searches, or had some derogatory meaning, or had some other reason that I didn't want to use them as my title. I finally decided to change God in other languages from Deios, Dios, Dyos, and Deus to something slightly different: Daeios. The vowels are in alphabetical order. Then I added 140 feet down since that describes the setting and gives more context to the title than just an invented name.

Due to mature situations and language, I'd recommend the book to readers age 18 and above. At first I thought the book would be more interesting for women, but after working with male beta readers I found that they enjoyed the book too. I hope anyone who picks up a copy of DAEIOS: 140 FEET DOWN will enjoy it.

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