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Book: Get Stronger, Live Longer - 500 Affirmations for Optimal Health, Rapid Healing, and Maximum Longevity by Stan Munslow

Book: Get Stronger, Live Longer - 500 Affirmations for Optimal Health, Rapid Healing, and Maximum Longevity by Stan Munslow

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Stan Munslow

Author Stan Munslowabout this book: "I know that I look, feel, and behave several decades younger than my actual age, and much of that is because I believe you are what you think you are. This is called positive affirmation, and it's a really strong tool." ~ Joan Collins

It's true! You are what you think you are. Your body is what you think it to be. Your health is as good as you say it is. Your habitual thoughts, beliefs, and statements about your body have a remarkably strong impact upon your health, your ability to heal quickly from illness or surgery, and your prospects for living a very long life.

Of course, this can work either against you or for you.

If your thoughts, beliefs, and statements about your health tend to lie in the negative, the disempowering, or even the destructive categories, your body will listen. And somehow, at some time, these statements will likely manifest in your body in the form of chronic or frequent illness, poor prospects for healing and recovery, and most likely less-than-admirable odds on making it beyond the coveted and seemingly elusive century mark.

The good news is that the opposite is every bit as true. If you feed your body a steady diet of deliberately healthful, empowering, and positive thoughts, beliefs, and statements, your body will listen. And it will respond accordingly.

And if you send your body messages in the form of powerful and positive statements—which you repeat emphatically and often—the trillions of cells that make up your body will really sit up and take notice!

These statements, good or bad, are referred to as affirmations. And that's what this book is all about. Affirmations—in this case, affirmations of the positive kind—affirmations of the positive and very powerful kind:

Five hundred powerful affirmations that will help set you on a direct path toward optimal health, rapid healing, and maximum longevity.

The use of positive affirmation is very widespread among people from all walks of life—from Olympic athletes to rock stars to top CEOs. They are widespread because affirmations are very powerful and effective in bringing about desired outcomes.

What's even more astounding is that, if the use of affirmations is so effective in acting upon outside circumstances, such as the generation of wealth or success, just imagine what they can do for your own physiology!

Most people are well aware of the mind-body connect-ion. However, thanks to the astonishing discoveries made in the field of quantum physics, we now know that this connection is even more profound than most people ever realized—far more profound. As you will learn, your mind doesn't just affect or control your body, it literally creates it!

Read those words again:
Your mind doesn't just affect or control your body, it literally creates it!

This means that the beliefs you hold about your body—and the repeated messages you send it—have a significant impact upon your well-being. And the five hundred affirmations presented in this book will begin to feed your mind-body the very messages it needs most in order to remain in excellent health for a very long time.

Don't worry if you don't believe some of these statements at first. Just allow the words to repeatedly seep into your subconscious. In time, you will come to see that your health, well-being, and longevity really are in your hands far, far more than you could ever have imagined. Affirmations work. Affirmations work wonders. And now you are about to discover the very best affirmations your body could ever know.

This book is divided into three parts. In the first: Affirm Your Good Health, you will discover an entirely new way of looking at your body which will begin to put you in far greater control of its inner goings-on and ultimately give it a whole new lease on life.

In part two: Affirm Your Rapid Healing, you will learn powerful new ways to more quickly and more easily recover from illness, injury, and surgery. Taken to its fullest, you may even find that supposedly "incurable" diseases can be, and already have been, cured by many individuals—using nothing but the power of positive affirmation.

Finally, in part three: Affirm Your Longevity, you will learn the best ways to think and act that will help to add years—healthy, vital years—to your lifespan. You'll be learning attitudes, actions, and daily habits from many of the world's oldest people and, like them, you may quite possibly extend your lifespan beyond one hundred years.

I wrote this book primarily as an answer to the questions I've been asked for the past two decades. Now, fifty-nine years old, I've never been sick (beyond a very infrequent cold and a touch of flu in 2005 that lasted all of one day), I have no chronic ailments or conditions, and I've never been hospitalized. Furthermore, my workout regimen includes 200 nonstop pushups and I simply tend to move throughout my day with more vigor than most teenagers.

The bottom line is that is virtually never anything wrong with me and so people are always asking me: what's your secret. So I tell them. "My secret is that, first of all, I simply don't expect to get sick—never, ever. Second, I continually see my body as working perfectly all the time. Third, I don't expect to "age," that is, to feel, look, or act "old," because I know that every cell in our bodies is replaced within seven years' time—nearly all of them within a single year, in fact. Aging is mostly a mental construct—we expect to age and, frankly, I don't. If my body is made anew within seven years' time, why should I expect to feel or grow old?

Basically, I live by the principled affirmed in this book.

And if you, or someone you love, would like to enjoy continual good health, to recover quickly from illness or surgery, and increase your odds of living a very long time, I urge you to read these 500 affirmations often—instill your physiology with the very thoughts, and beliefs it needs to remain in impeccable health for many years to come.

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