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Book: The Rise of Peace by Dr. Hafiz Shahid Amin

Book: The Rise of Peace by Dr. Hafiz Shahid Amin

categories: Book, Action, Adventure, Peace, Terror, Terrorism, Islam, Religion, Science Fiction, Computer Fiction, World, War, Book, Novel, Suspense, Thriller, Power Politics, Super Power, Justice, Halmet, Sea, Under Sea, Jihad, Political Fiction


Dr. Hafiz Shahid Amin

Author Dr. Hafiz Shahid Aminabout this book: "The Rise of Peace"

A Fiction Novel on World Power Politics by Dr Hafiz Shahid Amin..Pakistan

Dedicated to all victims of terrorist attacks (Muslims, Non Muslims)

From the time this universe came into being to this time, the world encounters perils of different hues everywhere and every time. A few super powers have divided comity of nations of the world into groups to serve their narrow ends. The developed countries have been trying to prevail over developing and under-developed countries. Those powerful enjoying countries have always shown hegemony in dealing with weaker states rather than to share their blessings in the love for humanity. This trend poses a serious threat to world peace.

All the states are fearful of hegemonic attitude of super powers. They fear that undesirable prohibitions shall be imposed by super powers any time on them and these weaker nations could be proceeded against on fake charges of defiance. The oppressed people are getting more and more oppressed and oppressors have more free hands to subdue weaker states. Human values are being freely flouted. It is in this context that I have written this novel. I have tried to suggest ways and means for securing peace and promoting amity among all nations so that people can lead a peaceful and prosperous life without discrimination of Caste and race and territory. I pray to Allah Almighty that my efforts may bear fruit.

All nations live peacefully in the long run. People respect each other's religious, territorial limits and social taboo. It ia an attempt to make this world as a joint peaceful global village free of discriminations of caste and racial and Islamic and non-Islamic biases. The author seems to stress upon the fact that discriminations of this sort are very fatal for the restoration of world peace. Unless this discrimination is not completely finished it is almost impossible to convert this world into one peaceful global Village.

It is an English version of Urdu novel "Tuloo e Amn" Published in Pakistan in 2003.

Author of both versions; Dr Hafiz Shahid Amin. Pakistan

The Author dreams about...

• End of Conflicts between the World Nations
• And the Beginning of the World Peace
• Beginning of Living with peace in each part of World
• May you all live in peace for Ever
• Allah Almighty (God) Bless you all
• A positive effort for World Peace promotion By Author
• Let Hope for the Betterment of this world...Author prays with hope


Message of Novel

*** A 9 Points World Peace Formula ***

In the end of Novel all Nations agree on these Points;

1... that all countries shall respect other countries and refrain from interfering in the internal affairs of other countries.
2... that all countries shall wind up and disband their secret agencies.
3... that all countries shall dismiss and terminate their respective armed forces so that huge expenses made in the name of defense could be used for welfare of people.
4… that all countries shall lift bans of visit visas so that people can come and go in any part of the world freely.
5... that the developed countries shall take along and help developing countries and underdeveloped countries.
6... that people of all countries shall enjoy complete freedom of religion and every body shall be free to offer prayer to Allah Almighty as he wished.
7... that all countries shall exercise strict control over growing sexual liberties and shall prohibit advertisements about sex, sex enhancing all kinds of literature like novels, sexy films, and the most dangerous weapon of mass destruction the INTERNET SEX.
8... only one and same currency shall remain in circulation and use all over the world.
9... all banks and financial institutions will commence interest free banking.

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