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Book: Love Is Eternal by Vicki Case

Book Reviews: Love Is Eternal by Vicki Case

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Vicki Case

Author Vicki Caseabout this book: 'Love Is Eternal' is a book of powerful, emotionally fuelled poetry about finding love and then losing it. 'Love Is Eternal' was inspired by my love for an amazing man who unearthed my creative talent for composing poetry through my unconditional and eternal love for him. 'Love Is Eternal'is primarily for men and women of all ages who have loved and lost. The poems contained within 'Love Is Eternal'took about three months to compose and the books titled was derived because my love for him is truly eternal. I chose the cover for 'Love Is Eternal' to depict the warmth of love.

he most difficult part of writing 'Love Is Eternal' was stopping the tsunami of tears that I was crying from wetting the pad upon which I was composing the poems as my emotions ebbed and flowed as I struggled to deal with losing the only man I have ever loved. The aspect that I learned most from writing 'Love Is Eternal' was the power of the written word to heal; how documenting your feelings down in ink can truly assist the process of healing. The poems contained within the cover of 'Love Is Eternal' will captivate the reader as they realise that my words actually reflect feelings and emotions that they were suffering when they themselves lost someone that they loved dearly. 'Love Is Eternal' is a unique gem that is masterfully written and requires multiple reads to transverse the many layers contained within each and every poem.

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 An enthralling, fascinating read

After reading, A Journey of Hurt: Captured in Ink, by Vicki Case, I literally devoured, Love is Eternal. Her books of poetry tell a true story of love and how her Eros departed from her life in one of the most cowardly of ways.

Vicki's story is one of heartbreak, yet of triumph.

Eros rescued her from the depths of an abusive marriage, nurtured her love and she grew into a resilient woman and amazing poet.

The man she pines for, is someone to be pitied. He doesn't see how true and strong Vicki's love for him is. Or does he even care? With Vicki, he started to create a work of art tantamount to a masterpiece before setting her adrift.

The words that go into all of her books are heartfelt. She deals with the loss of her beloved Eros by composing her thoughts into poems. All of which, tell her story.

If you are looking for a love story, I highly suggest all of Vicki's books!

Love is the greatest power of all. [by Hamburger Fry]

 Beautiful anguish..

I love poetry in all it's forms...from haiku to rhyme. To me, art in any form is personal. Each person sees something and it touches them (or not) in a different way. It is much the same with how we all deal with love and loss. For good or ill, we all do whatever we can to get through the night. So, how can anguish be beautiful? It doesn't seem fathomable.

But Case's words (in verse) within these pages, depict such raw emotion, such bitter and complete sadness, that there is a poignant beauty that draws you in with each passage. We've all been there. Whether it was the gut-wrenching heartbreak of our first love as a teen, or the disintegration of a lifelong love from a soul mate. The loss of either is overwhelming, and no less devastating regardless of one's age.

It is moving to read as Case vacillates between the different stages of grief, each emotion out there in full view; shock, anger, denial, rock bottom depression...but never quite coming close to closure...that, being acceptance. You can see this clearly in the few pictures she has scattered strategically throughout the book; glimpses of the author, herself. Her eyes say what her words cannot, and in truth, the depth of love and despair in her eyes, left me hollow with my own memories...

Bravo, Ms. Case, for your courage and honesty in sharing your pain. Your poetry touches my soul. I wish you closure, acceptance, and peace. But most of all, I wish for you a healing heart, and a love to embrace you...eternally. [by Taylor Fulks]

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