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Book: Forte' of... The Artesian Well by Singleton M. Tate

Book: Forte' of... The Artesian Well by Singleton M. Tate

categories: Book, Life, Dreams, Success, Rags to Riches, Destiny, Education, Thriller, Suspense, Action, Love, Relationship, Poetry


Singleton M. Tate

Author Singleton M. Tateabout this book: "Forte' of... The Artesian Well" is a creatively inspiring book of original poetry, trauma-dramas, affirmations and life-changing words to encourage and empower each reader to take charge, reach for and attain their "God-given Destiny of Greatness"!

It is a new outlook with fresh concepts that help to direct your life from ruins to success. The author, Singleton M. Tate a.k.a. "THE GIFT and T.G." introduces a new style of writing poetry which is (O.A.C.), "Open-ended Artistic Creativity"... O.A.C. is a style that is: Not restrained by definite limits, restrictions, or structure. "A style that's all about the message."

She gives you a clear and concise look into the heart of living through deep emotions, heartache, triumphs, indecision, bad judgements, lack of motion. relationships on every level and ultimately success. Make no bones about it, the writings are deep with a hidden wealth of riches in stark insight that will catapult your life in to your "Destined Happiness". Just be open and prepared to go much deeper than the surface of the works to glean the wisdom that will enlighten your soul to "Who you were truly created to be... Nothing less than "Great"!

"Forte' of... The Artesian Well" is not your normal poetry book, so if you are used to normalcy... you will be shocked into the "Reality of the Real World" fast... You will enjoy this book if you can see clearly... from the "Inside" out and are open-minded! It is very innovative and liberating!

"Forte' of... The Artesian Well" is life in your face with no holds barred! Mastery is Reality... colored by "Divine Success"! You Can Win!" cause... I see "Greatness" in "You"! ~ THE GIFT


5.0 out of 5 stars Poetry to die for... It's jolting to say the least! I'm down with (O.A.C)! , November 27, 2011
"The author has a distinct handle on life and mankind. The poetry is elegant, surreal, majestic, intense, abstract, fun and timely." -- Kayle Mystique "Lauren V."

5.0 out of 5 stars Intriguing creativity, August 28, 2012
"A great piece of art through the media of 'spoken word'. The author did a fantastic job on expressing many emotions, thoughts, and feelings which is often difficult for many to express." -- Jean Jones


• Prejudice

Causing willful deaths of a 'Thousand Knights'
Yet, I 'Cipher a Legacy'
Adorned Elegance
Trapped in Amaze.

I press to clear the 'Roads of Prejudice'
Evoking the 'Basis of Knowledge'
Bestowed upon my 'DNA'
I Weary,
Driven Aback
In Normalcy, I Lack.

Depths of Refinement without 'True Voice'
'It is I', Spirit sent from 'The Great I AM'
Hear my whispers, my cries
Stifled Through
'Prejudice Eyes'
What Gift,
Am I?

• Truth Be Told

Walking down the boulevard,
making reality fiction,
watching living pictures
of tragic lyrics, enabled
by ruthless cowards...

I wait at the bus line,
wondering in these
sad times, why does
this cancer of despair,
thrive in our air...

Thousands upon thousands,
waning their existence,
looking for a piece
of the fabulous life,
yes, fame at what price...

Hearts without feelings,
our economy is reeling from
drugs, alcohol and murder,
corruption's game name your prize,
brute force empty sea of lies...

Spurious, I'll look for a
'Glimmer of Hope', as I'm
choked by the tears, that
stream in the
'Era of Bling',
let the 'Truth Be Told',
as 'Humanity' sells its soul...

• It's Deep

Squared to the next power,
Bold, as a psychedelic flower,
Casting effulgence by the hour,
I break forth, I don't cower.

Content on this rainy day,
To give all without delay,
As a soul that could never pay,
For His gift that keeps sin away.

Been beaten, hated and scorned,
By tribulations, trials and storms,
Because, I'm so much from the norm,
I'm not willing to ever conform.

As I breathe, I live to deliver,
Rhythm, rhyme and verse with quiver,
Unearthing idiom, as fine silver,
Musing on an,Abstruse Renaissance River.

• Haters

See me a... Viper.
'The Piped Piper
of Evy and Strife'
A Hater... I'll be
and that for life.

I exhort evil.
Come, let all heed,
Words to kill spirit
indeed. Weaving a web
that deceives your mind.
A Hater... without love
for mankind.

I'm sent from the
'father of lies'
With ties that bind
from within. A cold-hearted
snake... I'm no friend.
A Hater... with
crimson pen.

So, let all with
pure hearts beware.
You seek what's right
or 'The Light'...
We'll be there.
It's a fight to the
finish for greed.
Inflicting pain and
stealing every seed.
As we pronounce
this declaration,
A Hater... only seeks

We pledge allegiance,
To darkness, day and night.
Ripping-off destiny and
dreams on mere sight.
When you hear our hiss,
it's sheer delight.
We're all cowards,
watch as we take flight.

From our fiery beds
of Hell, cause we want
to build you a cell.
Imprisonment of the
worst kind.
Said, 'The Haters'
Who are running
out of time.

• Drugs

Created from greed and put out by man, a mixture of poison to enslave our land. A plague of sorts and now on the rise, cocaine, heroin,crack and others by disguise. Pills and paint seems like anything will do, to ease the pain that lurks so deeply inside of you.

What will it take, to make you see, you're destroying the potential of what you're suppose to be. Created for more than just Drugs by design, sent from Hell's realm to deceive and melt down your mind. Look at this picture, I'll put into view. Drugs, they're only out to manipulate you!

You give up your hard earned dollars, maybe even your whole check,for a two second high, that you already regret. But, your body is hooked, craving even more, more poison to take you out of this world, waiting to knock at death's door.

This killer of sorts, Drugs is his name, making the dealers rich and they show no shame! They push to the young, despondent and old.
These no good humans have sold their own souls. Taking all comers with greenbacks in hand, each hit of this poison is very much in demand.

It's time to wake up from the pit of despair, pull yourself together, because somebody does care! You might need help and if that is true, look deep within your heart, it'll tell you what to do. Find your way out, before it's too late.
Don't let Drugs and Death, seal your fate!

• Gangs

TODAY, they prevail, they are all around,
in your backyard and in your hometown.
The senseless loss of talent and life,
our Young Generation is losing the fight.

What has stolen their Innocence,
and left them so blind?
Thinking that the Gangs love them,
Wake Up and Take Back your own minds.
Love doesn't hurt, so that could not be true,
they beat you or sex you in,
now herein, lies your clue.

You've lost so much
from the start,
your future, your family,
it has all fallen apart.
You've turned your back,
on what you know is right.
Now the Gangs are in control,
and they take much Delight,
in sending YOU, to an Early Grave,
to make room for the next bunch of
Stupid Slaves!

That's right, Slavery,
is still in full force, the young, as well
as old have mapped out its
destructive course.
This is No Game, I'm telling
YOU why, to be in a Gang is to DIE!

For what you say, a Creed, a Color,
a Sign, your Turf and Respect?
HEY, that's not what Life is all about!
Find a Way Out, It's about Time,
You Say, 'No More GANGS, 'OK, '
My Life, Begins, as of TODAY!

• Hope

In the midst of confusion and despair,
I seek the answers that I know are there.
When my world seems to be crumbling all around
and the comfort that I need so much is nowhere
to be found. I'm here in the shadow of your face,
cause it's your 'Hope' that you've given to me,
I must embrace.

The waves of burdens and uncertainty
toss me from side to side.
Is my ship sinking? How will I survive?

When the tears of frustration take over my mind.
Dare I tell a supposed friend?
Would they even spare me the time?
I come broken and humbly to you,
cause it's your 'Hope' that will
surely pull me through.

Hope, a positive notion for the things
we cannot see, but the reality of what is to be.
God sends us 'Hope' and His amazing grace,
if we only just believe... never wavering in our faith.

• To Hate or Be Great

To Hate or Be Great-
Which one is your fate?
You're mad and I'm glad,
My life won't be sad.

Raging with jealousy-
Blind, yet won't see.
The time you wasted,
Victory never tasted.

Fighting against the freed,
A heart, as black as coal.
Seeking to destroy the soul,
That's purposed with goals.

Without a 'Vision' people perish,
Create things that you cherish.
Begin to turn your world around,
Come out of the lost... Be found!

Surrendering all... without cost,
Knowledge, Wisdom is boss.
A Life that's wonderful... No Doubt!
'Be Great'... It's what, I'm about!

• Abstract Artistry

There you are my long lost friend
I've been looking for you
yet here you've always been

Must be the way Life is going fast
slipping into Lavender Saturdays
melting into a wavy mirage

Choosing my past over Today
checking in my loves upon
Rivers of Black Melodies

Running getting nowhere moving
yet I'm standing still in time
losing my mind over matter

When will I see Destiny sweep
up my right now?
Where is my impending Victory?

I walk in the Light of each dawn
lucid in great thought
remembering Providence

Touching sleep above
celestial shores engaged
in conversations with Tomorrow

Chambers hidden above Saturn's
glare encompass a vibe within
my every cell evoking mastery

As I finesse
Incandescent Rays of Rhythms and Rhymes
unveiling the
Rich Secrets
Abstract Artistry

• Sharp

Cuddling my imaginary friend,
One day... The Wind decides,
To whisk him straight away,
I can't believe my eyes.

Summoning Clouds to testify,
They resorted to pleading the fifth,
I cautioned why do such a thing,
They exclaimed, 'Cause all is myth'

Our Lawyer said to be quiet,
Or the Sun would make us pay,
A price so terrible to say,
The Earth would kneel and pray.

The Judge could not endorse it,
The sentence was handed down,
The Clouds would be imprisoned,
Until the truth was found...

• Simply Abstract

I told the Night to begone,
whilst I reminisce on Loves,
that spurned me,
defiling the soul,
with each moment...
I grow old.

Beguiled by the Wind, as it
scrutinizes me on every side,
piercing my brain,
insane, my heart
feels the pain.

Memories set off neutrons,
firing electric shock of
yesteryear, when tears
flowed backwards,
in time sublime.

As Day reached for Tomorrow,
Light sheds Wisdom's peace,
As Rivers fell captive,
my spirit was released.

• Sinister Quest

Seething pots, incognito, devoid,
Walk into the callous gray...
Watching all with dimmed birthright,
Drudging throughout each day...

Black as onyx, without soul,
Evil violators shake the dead...
Step to the beat of Satan's drum,
Creep toward your fiery beds...

Forsaken of the life-giving well,
Accursed seed of the damned...
Spread doubt and lies befriend gain ties,
Mix hatred's punch 'til red...

Set chains before each captive,
Weave webs that will not break...
Speak words that will beguile them,
Hawk-eyed savages awake...

The time warp tornado's overhead,
The buildings are melting down...
The earth quakes with anticipation,
Devouring each person around...

We're fallen angels, we loathe you,
Humanity awaits our fate...
We'll burn and root out love,
Till as deceit. greed and murder cultivates...

See me with you daily,
Selling things that will destroy...
Heed iniquitous thoughts, we implore you,
Dark Entities lurk at your door...

• Sex Me Not...

Sex me not, ... with sex don't play,
Within a house that's prone to stray.
At first. it might seem pure and strong,
Who really knows what turns him wrong?

Or was it her from the very start?
The sex she gave was not from heart.
Let's bind forever our souls will tie,
With endless tears and no goodbyes.

Sex me not... we've built a maze,
That leaves us both within a haze.
Emotions run deep, when we both know,
That sex is cheap, Love runs the show!

Inspired by: Mr. J.C.H.

• Coloring Your World

With Hatred, I want to.
With Blindness, It becomes you.

With Sorrow, Every single night.
Without Peace, Keeping you from the Light.

With Anger, To fence you in.
With Abuse, So you'll never win.

Do you like the colors that you see?
I can only 'Color Your World' with what's within me.

• My Wish For The World

Could only be,
that His Love would
destroy all hate and misery

That every soul would
live in Peace,
enjoying their fellowman

Helping anyone,
needs a helping hand

That there would be
no more selfishness,
death nor pain

That we all would embrace
'The Truth' and have
everything to gain

That each heart
would never be corrupt,
so no evil
could ever erupt

My Wish for the World
Could be nothing less,
Than Peace, Love
God's Very Best

• Crying Around The World

Oh God,
has this
Whole World
Blind, Deaf, Dumb
Severely Numb?

My heart is in an uproar,
as the souls on the face
of this earth
are reduced
to only
children, women
and men,
As their
blood stains,
rain into the soil

As my ears hear
of such horrors befalling
My Sisters
and Brothers,
There is
No Color
Life Force
Everyone Alive,
While those who
could reach out
have locked
themselves out

Nation upon Nation,
Every Kingdom,
within an
endless riverbed

Grief and Death,
so unspeakable,
Who could endure such
at the hands
of the
diabolical and
demonically controlled,
vile sub-humans,
which are the
Seeds of Cain,
in earthly bodies

foretells of these
and yet,
this is only
the Beginning
of the
'Worst that's yet to Come'
That because iniquity
shall abound,
the love of many
shall wax cold,
says the
'Word of God'

What will it take for us,
Yes Everyone,
who still has some
within our souls,
to understand
make drastic changes
to Heal our Land
and Lend
Helping Hand?

No one is asking You to
Change the World,
only He can do that,
what You can do
is all that
You see within
Your heart to do,
Help stop the Pain,
as we are
Fair Game

it could
have been
Your Family
in these
Your Lives
Stay here,
Free and Live

You hold the
render your
let evil
continue to

You Can,
If You are willing,
to think of more than
I know,
You have Seen
You have Heard
Crying Around The World

• Providence...

Rules our times,
not our minds,
for we are
free agents.

You have the
right to be,
whatever it
is, you may
choose to be.

Yeah, the will to
kill is yours or
hate and terrorize,
it's all a choice.

To blame, to shame,
defame, of course
wreak pain, they're
one and the same.


Watched, as mankind
destroyed paradise,
without thinking
twice... about its
eternal consequence.

As we reinforce our
with all manner of evil,
most make no sense.

Deviates manipulate
the innocent, many
are captives, the
chains of future
lamentations are strong.

'It Won't Be Long'
as the end looms
near... Who'll shed
a tear, for the souls
that were wronged?


For we are all His
creation... As we bask
in the dark veils of
death, hearts cold as
ice with man's rage, a
burning fire enslaved.

From the beginning,
it was so... Who truly
wants to know the
'Pathway of Life', that
reaffirms the plan, to
purge us from sin?

I'm in. I seek. I'm humble.
I'll speak of the Love
that never changes... which
abounds even more, keeping
record throughout the ages,
At what stage of life will
'YOU' meet,


To face the sentence,
written within each
breath that you take.
Make no mistake,
an account was made,
A price will be paid,
by each soul.

Everyone will be told
of His Goodness, Gift
and Grace... As we
beheld the face of
His only begotten Son.

Who can run from,


No, Not One...

© Copyright 2012 THE GIFT a.k.a. Singleton M. Tate
All Rights Reserved.

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