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Book: Horses and other doubts by Mois Benarroch

Book: Horses and other doubts by Mois Benarroch

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Mois Benarroch

Author Mois Benarrochabout this book: My first book of poetry in English published in 2000.

Nothing better than reading some poems from the book:

• The death of a city
You can see everything is dying here
because poetry is dead
you can see everything is dying here
when you read the language
there is not one word, not one sentence
that doesn't pretend to mean something else
and that something else
is related to something else that someone said
and the sentences become longer and longer
never ending, even the poetry
is written in prose.
And there is not one person
who can say
one clear sentence
you can see everything is dying
because the language is dead.

• Stores that tell stories
Hundred years old stores close down
thirty years old people
look like their elders
and it seems
no one pays attention to what is happening.
only the tourists are still impressed.
The skies lower.
And everything outside shines
the new cars, the expensive clothes, the made-up faces
while everything inside is rotten.

• The world
the world is becoming
more and more
a family discussing to death
the heritage of a few houses
while outside
there is
an earthquake.

• Gold bars
Who are these rich people
these desperate people
Why do they do look so ill
making others believe their money is better
Who are these sad people
Always expected to look great
never become old
never be ill
always be happy
in what kind of prisons
do these rich people live?

• Rough times
whatever we do this is incredible
the rough times were better
when we moved alone along those labyrinths
times were lonelier than thought
the Thames looked better than the Seine,
Look at me she said holding my hand
as if to die
look at me
the weather is crazy but so are we
this rain will last forever
but we won't
this world will last forever
but our body our beautiful body deteriorating
as a God falling from the skies
look at me I said
lines of poetry as lines of your face
they get smarter as they get uglier.

• Don't let them
They tell you that you are crazy that
you have no culture
that you have no past
they tell you
you are fantasizing
that the past you are talking about
is idealization
they are afraid of you
afraid you might take their grants
and their prizes and their jobs at the universities
they are afraid they might have to learn something new
they are afraid you are better than they are
you have their culture and in top of it
you have your culture
you can see them but they can't see you
the only problem is they have the jobs
and the money

• The road
the road gets longer
as the city of our dreams
gets closer.

• Two Camps
there were those
who beat
and there were
who stayed silent.

• Poets
So many were lost through the journey
their tongues dried, their eyes shuttered
their words silenced.
Some became famous
others stopped writing.

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