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Book: Simple Man's Guide to Plato's Republic by Roger Penney

Book: Simple Man's Guide to Plato's Republic by Roger Penney

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Roger Penney

Author Roger Penneyabout this book: This is full of my opinions. I am moderately happy with the common academic interpretation of the analogy of the cave, the divided line and so on but on many other things I am not agreed. This does not mean I am wrong and others with differing views are right, nor that I am right all the time. Perish the thought.

It was written for those many who may look up on an internet encyclopaedia, a commentary or the lecturer's notes and not have read the book. Some folk out there may find it daunting at the beginning; I did. Read the sections suggested by an A level syllabus' demands then read the whole of it. That is if you are a serious student. If not read my book and then find out your opinions and challenge those of your fellow students. They will not have read my book so you have an advantage.

Remember what Philosophy is all about. It is about dialogue. In particular it is about Socratic dialogue. It is therefore about people exchanging views and opinions and asking questions. Never be afraid to ask questions. Then, having heard a variety of opinions think about them, do some more reading and come up with your own. Remember your opinions may be just as good as the Professor's. They only get where they are by toeing the party line. Read Kuhn on Scientific Discoveries and about the paradigms surrounding Scientific ideas.

So read this book and see how you can trip up the lecturer. Did Hitler, for instance, agree with Plato and why? If your philosophical studies have a political leaning then see if you agree with who Plato thought should rule a 'just' state. Then see what you think of that and think of Some of the more flamboyant tyrants of recent History and others who have ruled and how they achieved it.

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