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Book: Captain Hawk by Robert Marquiss

Book: Captain Hawk by Robert Marquiss

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Robert Marquiss

Author Robert Marquissabout this book: On the island of Barbados, Captain Hawk, with hands bound tight, sits on the dirt floor of a British stockade and waits to be hung. The sounds of hammers and saws ring out through the air and shouts of exuberance are heard from some as the gallows is being built. Several British guards stand ready just out side his cell. A young boy comes and sits next to him just outside the bars where the Captain sits.

The boy puts his arms through the bars, hugs the Captain and says, "I don't want them to kill you. You were good to me and me mum."

The Captain, feeling the boy's sorrow, replies, "Don't worry lad," looks around and sees some of his other shipmates in sorrowful shape, "Well that's nice of you, lad. Someday I'll tell you a secret about you, me and your mum, but now's not the time. Look on the bright side, they haven't hung me yet."

"Will you tell me a story, like before?" the boy asked.

"Sure, lad, if it will make you feel better. I think it will be a while before they start stretching anyone."

The boy's eyes fill with tears and he reaches through the bars and grips Captain Hawk's arm as if to say he doesn't want him to die.

Captain Hawk looks at the boy, his hand, and then kisses his head through the bars and says, "I'll be all right, lad. I haven't gone yet and don't intend to, as it were. All right, lad, I am telling you a pirate's secret, so you have to promise me you won't tell anyone."

"I won't tell a soul, sir, I promise."

As the boy listens with rapt attention, the Captain spins a pirate's tale:

Of how he was marooned on an island and left to die. While there he encountered a group of knights who came ashore from a ghost ship. They were carrying shields and wearing armor and capes from the Knights Templar. They were unloading treasure chests and taking them to a secret place on the island. They were amazed that Captain Hawk could see them. He was the one they were looking for.

Then the first knight said to him, "There will be a movement against the tyranny of the old world to help the new one. You will know it when it comes and you will deliver our treasure into the hands of those that will use it wisely. Until then, you will disrupt the commerce of Europe and England on the seas; any treasure you take from those ships will belong to you and your men." Then the real adventures begin.

As he finishes his tale the soldiers guarding the stockade come to take him to the gallows. . . .

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