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Book: Towards a SuperSymmetric Quark Theory of the Elementary Particles by Collin Carbno

Book: Towards a SuperSymmetric Quark Theory of the Elementary Particles by Collin Carbno

categories: Book, Particles, Quarks, Dark Matter, Supersymmetry, Antiparticles, Susy Partners, Muons, Neutrinos, Physics


Collin Carbno

Author Collin Carbnoabout this book: This book outlines an idea in particle physics that I discovered in Graduate school some 30 years, something so simple, works so well, that on and off I've keep returning to it, despite the fact that even I agree it can't possible be a valid physical theory. Or could it?

Einstein once said something to the effect that physics should be so simple that a child could understand it, and do it. If you read your way through "Towards a SuperSymmetric Quark Theory of the Elementary Particles" you might well never think of particles the same, and in way it lets you be also on the leading cutting edge of science. Elementary particle physics is reduced to something as simple as keeping track that you have the same quarks on both sides of your equation, and that you don't create fractionally charged particles. Armed with the ideas in this book you can hunt for possible exotic particle reactions amongst elementary particles, find for new candidates for dark matter, figure out potential ways the proton can decay and explore unusual possible interactions between dark matter and ordinary matter. Sorry, the book doesn't have any complex mathematical equations, integrals, derivatives, complex lagrangians and hamiltonians, or difficult operators. In short, have fun with physics, enjoy exploring the unknown, -- who knows you might even help solve some unsolved astrophysics puzzles.

Find out why I believe that supersymmetrical particles have already been found, that light and electron are composite particles, what kinds of dark matter exist, and why there is only three generations of quarks.

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