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Book: Socrates, Jesus and Freedom - A Philosophical Reflection by Joan Arnsteen

Book: Socrates, Jesus and Freedom - A Philosophical Reflection by Joan Arnsteen

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Joan Arnsteen

Author Joan Arnsteenabout this book: "Socrates, Jesus and Freedom," recently published by Joan Arnsteen is a new look at old ideas, and how philosophy and religion interplay and yield positive results for our individual freedom. There are many similarities between Socrates and Jesus, for example, both men never wrote anything down but had a profound effect on their followers. Their spiritual influence remains as powerful today as it was in the past, and we study their ideas to enrich our own lives. If Socrates were alive today and walking the streets of New York City, he would ask us what we are doing to care for our souls? We all have opinions, beliefs, faith, and seek the truth, and as we set high aspirations for ourselves, the words of both Socrates and Jesus lead us to our goal of becoming a better person. This highly readable book presents the ideas of both Socrates and Jesus in easily understood language so that we may all become philosophers who engage in meaningful conversations.

This book is a well-research and stimulating look at the teaching of both Socrates and Jesus, and describes how we learn to care for our souls by developing virtue ad the art of living a good life. The author demonstrates the teaching similarities between Socrates and Jesus by examining inductive methodology, (i.e., reasoning from specific propositions to general propositions). She uses Plato's Republic and the Holy Bible as the framework for this investigation, and at the same time tells an extraordinary story about both men that is soundly based upon historical research. We become closer to the character of Socrates as we follow him through the marketplace where he felt that it was his mission as a "gadfly" to sting the truth out of his listeners. We follow Jesus' ministry as He gathers Hs disciples, performs miracles, opens our hearts to love; and, we shudder at Jesus' crucifixion and death, as well as rejoice over His resurrection.The author moves with ease among complex ideas, and presents philosophy and religion in a new light. The author's message is one of individual freedom that will bring us spiritual growth, peace, joy, pleasure and happiness.

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