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Book: Building your Life from Rock Bottom - A Journey of Riches

Book: Building your Life from Rock Bottom - A Journey of Riches

categories: Book, Anthology, Spirituality, Selfhelp, Motivation, Inspiration, Goals, Abundance, Riches, Dreams, Wealth, Personal Development, Personal Growth

John Spender

Author John Spenderabout this book: The concept of this book series is to open you up to different ways of perceiving your reality and to give you hope. It is to encourage you and give you many avenues of thinking about the same subject. I chose this collection of authors to share their experiences about how they developed their courage. This is to assist you and raise your belief that you too can overcome your challenges and move one step closer to fulfilling your dreams and live life on your terms. 

Like all of us, each author has a unique story and insight to share with you. It just might be the case that one or more of these authors have lived through an experience that is similar to circumstances in your life right now. Their words could be just the words you need to read to help you through your challenges and motivate you to continue on your journey.

Storytelling has been the way humankind has communicated ideas and learning throughout our civilization. While we have become more sophisticated with technology and living in the modern world is more convenient, there is still much discontent and dissatisfaction with one's reality. Many people have also moved away from reading books, and they are missing out on valuable information that can help them to move forward in life with a positive outlook.

I think it is essential to turn off the T.V.; to slow down and to read, reflect, and take the time to appreciate everything you have in life.

I like anthology books because they carry many different perspectives and insights on a singular topic. I find that sometimes when I'm reading books that have just one author, I gain an understanding of their viewpoint and writing style very quickly, and the reading becomes predictable. With this book and all of the books in the A Journey of Riches book series, you have many different writing styles and viewpoints that will help shape your perspective towards your current set of circumstances.

What others have been saying;

• "Awesome! Truly inspirational! It is amazing what the human spirit can achieve and overcome! Highly recommended!!"
 — Fabrice Beliard, Australian Business Coach.

• "A Journey of Riches Series is a must-read. It is an empowering collection of inspirational and moving stories full of courage, strength, and heart." — Gemma Castiglia, Avalon Healing.

• "The A Journey of Riches book series is an inspirational collection of books that will empower you to take on any challenge or change in life."
 — Kay Newton, Midlife Stress Buster

Anthology books are also great because you can start from any chapter and gain valuable insight or a nugget of wisdom without the feeling that you have missed something from the earlier episodes.

I love reading many different types of personal development books because learning and personal growth are vital to me. If you are not learning and growing; well, you're staying the same. Everything in the universe is growing, expanding, and changing. If we are not open to different ideas and different ways of thinking and being, then we can become close-minded.

My wish for you is to feel empowered to make a decision that will best suit you in moving forward with your life. As Albert Einstein said, "We cannot solve problems with the same level of thinking that created them."

With Einstein's words in mind, let your mood pick a chapter in the book, or read from the beginning to the end and allow yourself to be guided to find the answers you seek.

With gratitude, 
John Spender

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