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Book: Interest Rate Solution by Bronson Brice

Book: Interest Rate Solution by Bronson Brice

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Bronson Brice

about this book: 1 – I'm a geek who believes in fairness in competition.

2 – Hindsight is one of the best teachers.

As a geek, I'm constantly searching for ways to competently and honestly challenge, if not avoid entirely, so-called conventional wisdom, or, following the crowd.

My academic background is primarily in economics, with, naturally, a sense for business trends.

My book is a short synopsis of how my leveraging the opportunity of hindsight was even further leveraged when combined with a big picture view of a lesson taught by a long-dead economist, then, integrated into a personal mortgage opportunity.

As simple as I have made this technique sound, I could have easily added another 50 to 100 pages. Why didn't I? I wanted to get to the point of how the vastness of the impact of the knowledge included in the book can be narrowed to a laser when put to use in the largest purchase any of us will ever make - housing. Instead of a lengthier book, I point to sources that will more fully develop this concept for you, to leverage into other major areas of your financial spectrum.

The significance of the information is so profound, that, conceptually, I used a small portion of this to successfully guard my retirement account during this entire tumultuous decade, at the same time that many, many politicians, policy makers, financial experts, etc. seemed to be unable to comprehend the impacts, positive or negative, and take advantage of what risks AND benefits that lie before us at this historical time. As further proof, I also have a private list of friends, co-workers and relatives, numbering over 50, who have relied on my cues to protect themselves, when those all around them are still scrambling for cover.

According to some basic information, I found that over $200 BILLION could have been saved/recovered by consumers if they had only done what I have done. This is a conservative estimate. This is based upon a $10 trillion housing market, with only 20% of home buyers/refinancers saving only ½ of what I saved on my transaction. There are many, many houses with higher values than mine. Therefore, any of them could have save more than the $40,000, or 23% of my total mortgage cost, on their own transactions.

The truth is, I have a much larger project planned, around this similar concept, and for which I drop a title in the rear of this small book. So, as I hope to impact the financial fortunes of as many people as possible, I also hope that this book will allow me to be established in the places that will offer me an advantage for my larger project.


• Who are the primary readers of your book?
Anyone involved in or interested in real estate. However, even those not involved in real estate will still find great money management benefit from the resources identified

• How long did it take to write it?
The core took about 3-4 weeks.

• How did you come up with the title?
The title comes from my desire to demystify the subject of interest rates into an area of comfort and familiarity for the reader.

• Why did you choose this cover?
I consider the cover, in it's simplicity, to be a drawing point on anyone who sees a house, the title, and the interest rate 'cubes' surrounding it.

• What was the hardest part of writing your book?
The hardest part was broadening the appeal. Feedback from several drafts distributed to close friends showed me that my familiarity on the topic was not easily shared or translated. For example, my penchant for visual exhibits and charts, which had to be scrubbed to meet the conditions for e-readers.

• Did you do research for your book? What did that involve?
My research involved updating and projecting the theory to current day conditions. I also had to include up-to-date links for future external use by the reader.

Also, I conducted some sample questions to gauge the typical level of understanding for the problem and the solution. Here is an excerpt from the book.

Person #1 - "I'm not that familiar with these types of mortgages. I'd have to read up on them."
Person #2 - "They're a ripoff!"
Person #3 - "If you get one, you'll get creamed later. They just came off of 50 year lows, so you know what that means - UP!"

• Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?
This first book is my training exercise to prepare me for the larger project that I mentioned

• What do you want to say to your readers?
My first reviewer suggested that "this little book is worth its weight in GOLD". This topic is virtually unknown to some economists, to many business people and to virtually all people not involved in any of the first two groups of economists and business people. I want the readers to become more independent in their thinking. I want them to be more self-directed and confident in their financial matters. Dependence on bad advice is one of the primary causes of financial failure, both by those of meager means, and, of course, by many who have money without the means to manage it themselves.

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