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Book: Money Makes Me Crazy! A Prescription for Money Sanity by Ted McLyman

Book: Money Makes Me Crazy! A Prescription for Money Sanity by Ted McLyman

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Ted McLyman

Author Ted McLymanabout this book: The common wisdom about money is wrong - manage your money, then your money!

Have you ever run into a store to buy mile and bread and end up spending a small fortune? And forget the milk and bread? I bet you have. I know I've done this, and lots of other crazy things with money.

Here's the problem. Humans aren't hardwired to work well with money. Our biology, culture, and beliefs about money keep getting gin the way. And to make things worst, the rules of money have changes. What worked just a few years ago doesn't work now.

I've worked with money and people and people and money all my like. Most of us do neither very well. The problem is us. Our brains were designed to keep us alive and pass on the genes - not balance a check book.

Here's the reality. The behaviors that kept us alive in the forest are killing us at the mall. How we think and feel about money matters.

I'm a husband, father, grandfather, Lt Col US Marine Corps (Ret), business owner, and triathlete. I taught economics at the US Naval Academy, was an Aide to Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Financial Management, and licensed financial advisor.

I've seen a lot of crazy money behavior in my life - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Money impacts every aspect of our lives.

It's time to look at money differently. Financial success is not rocket science. It's behavioral science. It's not what you own - the financial stuff. It's about how you think and feel about money.

Money Makes Me Crazy is an easy to read a book. It will help you to a greater degree understand how you think and feel about money. I provide an easy to follow a plan - The Money Behavior System - that will help you better understand your relationship with money.

This book is the book everyone should read before they read a "how to" book about money. If you don't know who you are, how you think and feel about money, how can you pick a financial product or service?

In short, a lot of the "free" advice about money may be technical correct - but is it appropriate for you?

My vision is to change the financial services industry. I want to move from selling stuff to managing behavior. The industry of the future must be moved to care more about managing behavior and relationships and less about managing money.

Let me give you a dirty little secret about money and financial products and services. They are now a commodity. They all have about the same features and benefits. What you own is not nearly as important as to why you own it.

Join me. I can't do this alone.

Money makes me crazy -- Ted.

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