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Book: Intend Align Manifest - Creating Your Ideal Life in 10 Easy to Follow Steps by Helen Abbott

Book: Intend Align Manifest - Creating Your Ideal Life in 10 Easy to Follow Steps by Helen Abbott

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Helen Abbott

Author Helen Abbottabout this book: The late Jim Rohn once said "Set goals for what they will make of you to achieve them" and, as a practitioner within the field of personal growth and development, I subscribe to the notion that the purpose of goal setting is far more about the process of reaching the goal than it is about achieving the result.

In my reading about successful people, regardless of the field in which they have excelled, the most common factor that they attribute their success to is their ability to set and work toward documented goals.

Presidents of nations, heads of corporations, actors, celebrities, artists, authors and sports people alike all reference their ability to set clear goals as a factor in their ultimate success.

Can it be that simple? Write down what you want, work toward the goal and achieve it? Often something that appears so simple has layers of complexity behind it and in some instances I have found goal setting to be challenging while in others, achieving something I have wanted in life has been so simple it felt completely effortless. In my early career everything I set my sights on, I achieved and, as soon as the achievement was ticked off and without stopping to take a breath, I would replace it with another goal, attacking it with a relentless determination (something I now understand to be a critical factor in my success!).

After leaving the corporate world, entering the realm of motherhood and starting my own business I found it harder and harder to not only achieve goals but to even begin to work out what I wanted to do. I had changed, I didn't know what I wanted but I knew that I didn't want to re-enter the cut-throat corporate world that I had previously excelled in. At the same time, I yearned for the part of me that had, unknowingly, tapped into the recipe for success and I definitely wanted to understand the specifics of what it was that I used to do so that I could re-apply the process and principles to something I wanted to do today.

Over the last five years I have spent most of my own personal development time on exploring the deeper concepts of goals setting or what many refer to as Manifesting. Reading books, watching DVD's and listening to audios from great teachers and philosophers like Neville Goddard, Dr Wayne Dyer, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Jim Rohn and many more.

We are all on a journey whether we know it or not of learning to reach our full potential in this world. Most of us have learned to see ourselves as a reflection of the outside world, a reflection of what is happening to us. But what if that is not how it works? What if we have the ability and the power to create our future?

Setting life goals has often been a challenge for many and when goals are achieved, they often leave us asking "what next?" What most of us don't realise is that goals are just the starting point of achieving a life we have imagined. If we are serious about living a fulfilling life and leaving a legacy, we must be working to create what we want at a much deeper level using the laws of manifesting.

In this eye-opening book, Helen Abbot guides you through a ten step process that will enable you to not only understand what you want in life, but also who you want to become in the process of achieving your goals.

In this book you will learn what you must know to create the life you have imagined, including:

• A 10-step process that simplifies your manifesting process;
• How to harness your imagination to accelerate your success;
• Key tips to identify what it is your really want;
• Strategies to "lock in" your ideal life.

Amazon reviews:

• "I have read so many books to read on the law of attraction and manifesting. This is the first one I finished, and in one night ... " — Waldo (Top Amazon Reviewer)

• " ... Even if it's only one new way of looking at life, one new way of achieving something, then it will be worth the purchase and time spent reading." — Niki Bullas (Top Amazon Reviewer)

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