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Book: iSin (Clean Version) Have Your Cake and Eat It 2.0 (Life Version Book 1) by Shay Dawkins

Book: iSin (Clean Version) Have Your Cake and Eat It 2.0 (Life Version Book 1) by Shay Dawkins

categories: Book, Supernatural You, Love Yourself, Activate God, Ancient Knowledge, Metaphysical, New Thought, New You, Born Again, Better Life, Become Happier, Use Pain, Heaven and Hell, Personal Development

Shay Dawkins

Author Shay Dawkinsabout this book: BEHOLD! This read has been written for the:

BEHOLD! This read has been written for those who WANT TO BECOME:

BEHOLD! This read has been written for those who BELIEVE IN:

BEHOLD! This read is for those who to FEEL:

BEHOLD! If you would like to LIVE A BETTER LIFE, then LOOK NO FURTHER for YOUR READ is UPON YOU NOW! iSin is an inspirational and self-reflective read that WILL EMPOWER YOU to REALIZE, AWAKEN, and UNLEASH the GREAT, SUPERNATURAL, and BOUNDLESS POTENTIAL RESIDING WITHIN YOU which will enable you to CREATE and LIVE a BETTER LIFE-- LIFE 2.0!

Further Reasons to try iSin out for YOURSELF:
1) The first 33 pages are available for FREE as a preview from the links found on the iSin Website ( Most authors offer a 4 or 5 page FREE PREVIEW of their book whereas I (iSin Author, Shay Dawkins) offer a FREE 33 PAGE PREVIEW of iSin!

2) The full version of iSin only costs $7.95 (63,000+ Words)-- a very CHEAP price considering the EXTREMELY VALUABLE material found in iSin-- yet I (Author, Shay Dawkins) sweeten the deal further by OFFERING a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE to any reader who purchases iSin and does not FIND GREAT VALUE from reading iSin. This in itself shows the great confidence I (Shay Dawkins) have in the material of iSin.

3) iSin discusses issues that are RELEVANT to EVERYDAY LIFE to EVERYONE from ALL WALKS of life! Whether you need help with not living in the past (regret), living in anger (wrath), living in fear (worry), dealing with addiction, allowing external circumstances to control you, forgiving those who have done you "wrong," accepting yourself, finding answers to life's deep questions (such as God and religion), living in the moment, or healing; you will find practical, pertinent, and self-reflective material that will help you find your OWN SOLUTIONS to your OWN PROBLEMS which will enable you to MOVE FORWARD, GROW STRONGER, and FEEL BETTER— RIGHT NOW!

4) I, Shay Dawkins, share myself and my personal experiences OPENLY and CANDIDLY with you in my writing. The inspiration for at least 90% of the material in iSin have been drawn from my personal experiences and the first-hand experiences I have witnessed those around me go through. Hence, iSin is written in a very relatable and "common-sense" way that is easy for anyone to comprehend yet also provides new, fresh perspectives that are VERY DEEP to any DEEP, INTELLECTUAL THINKERS. This writing style enables anyone from any walk of life to be able to relate and benefit IMMEDIATELY from reading iSin.

5) iSin is probably the MOST ENTERTAINING BOOK you have ever read. Songs are included with every section of the book that correlates directly to the material being discussed for any readers who like to listen to music while reading as I (Shay), personally, like to do. Furthermore, I have made a Spotify playlist that lists every song in chronological order with the book so all you (the reader) have to do is look me up on Spotify and click on the playlist to access every song listed (further details are included in the Introduction on how to do this).

6) Relating back to points #3-#5, iSin discusses an extremely wide area of topics that are pertinent to EVERY PERSON. Here are just a few of the Chapter Titles discussed to give you an idea: "Cussing VS Sinful Cursing," "Drinking Alcohol as Sinful and Not Sinful," "Anger: Energy Booster," "Gluttony: Turn Off The TV," "Becoming INTERNALLY Selfish," "Source of All Darkness," "Sinful Communication (#1 Sin),"Public Enemy #1," "Death Died A Long Time Ago (Breaking Grief)," and new perspectives on the concepts of God, Heaven, and Hell

7) Personal pictures are listed in the book which helps to make the material even more relatable and FUN; pictures of the iCons listed in the Table of Contents are listed during different sections of the book; lastly, acronyms are listed periodically throughout the book to help break up the monotony of reading any deep, thought provoking material which keeps the book fun, exciting, and the reader "on his or her toes;" hence, iSin is a "ride" that has no predictability to it.

8) The Table of Contents are phenomenal as the Chapters are listed as "Downloaded Apps" on a smart phone yet there are "3 Downloading Apps" that are "downloading" because the reader will be constantly "downloading these apps" as the reader progresses through the book because these apps are mentioned and discussed periodically throughout every chapter. By the way, there is a picture of the Table of Contents on the iSin website.

9) iSin is a special book because of the time, energy, and GREAT PASSION put into it. Hence, I have been slowly gathering the material and concept for iSin for over the past 6 years since writing my first book; I have waited until now to put this material into a book format because I did not know how to organize such deep, thought-provoking material into an entertaining format that readers can enjoy, find great value in, and cherish; the final product of iSin has by far exceeded my personal expectations and know that I CREATE HIGH GOALS for myself. Furthermore, I would like to iterate that my physical hands and my physical mind may have written, put together, and built this phenomenal read yet I also openly admit that I, Shay the person, did not "write this material," per say, as the HIGH, inspired energy residing within me truly "wrote this material," because Shay, the person in "normal energy," is not capable of writing such inspirational and enlightening material that truly can and will make ANY and ALL who read it BETTER and BOLDER! iSin is nothing short of a masterpiece, and is a FEAST for your MIND and SOUL!

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