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Book: Parents' Handbook - NLP and Common Sense Guide for Family Well-Being by Roger Ellerton

Book: Parents' Handbook - NLP and Common Sense Guide for Family Well-Being by Roger Ellerton

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Roger Ellerton, PhD, CMC

Author Roger Ellerton, PhD, CMCabout this book: I am not a child psychologist, social worker, teacher, doctor, guidance counselor, early childhood educator, daycare worker or family therapist. I do not have any of these credentials. If I did, I would undoubtedly think like them and give you similar advice and ideas. Their advice and ideas are useful and available in many books and magazines.

Then what are my credentials? I am the father of four wonderful children, who, as they grew up, challenged me to their full capacity in many different ways. At times I surpassed my expectations as a parent and other times I struggled. Through it all I did the best that I knew, to the best of my ability. Simply put, when you become a parent you are not handed a manual that will answer all your questions or cover all situations. For many, the "manual" you bring to parenting is the one you learned from observing your parents. If you perceived what your parents did as good, you did that. If you were hurt or felt disadvantaged in some way by your parents' actions, you swore to do something different. Exactly what, you didn't know. Then, when pressured by circumstances, not feeling good about yourself or being resentful of your partner, you dragged baggage from your past and manifested those parental behaviors you swore not to repeat.

As well as having learned much about being a parent, for almost twenty years I have been a student and trainer of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). NLP is about how you communicate with yourself, and based on the results of this, how you engage in conversation with others. NLP is also about modeling people who are excellent at what they do and making these skills and abilities available to other people. I wish I had known about NLP when I first became a parent. In fact, I wish I'd had the opportunity to learn and practice NLP concepts when I first went to school. I'm sure that my experiences growing up would have been that much richer.

Given what I know today and will share with you in this book, I know that as a parent I could have done much better or achieved the same results with a great deal less stress and anguish for everyone involved.

My intention in writing this book is to provide you and your family members with thoughts, insights and tools that will prove to be useful and will ultimately bring about a desired change in your lives. You will learn:

* How to have meaningful, supportive conversations with your partner and children.
* How to address beliefs or habits that get in the way of being an effective parent.
* How to help your children address beliefs or habits that limit them.
* How to support your children to learn effectively.
* The skills and abilities for the six different parenting roles.

Although not written specifically for adolescents, the material is presented at a level older teens can understand and use. With the aid of their parents, younger teens will also find many concepts in this book useful. They will learn how to:

* Be more resourceful with family members, teachers and friends.
* Improve their schoolwork and relationships.
* Contribute to their well-being and that of their family.

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