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Book: Be Who You Are - A Father's Empowering Message about the Point of Life by Jimmy Brandmeier

Book: Be Who You Are - A Father's Empowering Message about the Point of Life by Jimmy Brandmeier

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Jimmy Brandmeier

Author Jimmy Brandmeierabout this book:

• How will your non-fiction book, Be Who You Are, A Song For My Children serve the readers—make their lives better for having read it?

If you want to be happy, no matter what happens, read my book.

Fun Fact: Happiness level = Consciousness Level.
If your consciousness level is high, life is great, no matter what happens.
If your consciousness level is low, life sucks, no matter what happens.

Everyone is scrounging in all the wrong places for happiness. Happiness is not a external event. Your inside life "is" life.

• What's the genesis of your book?
I'm a musician. As a composer, I've been immersed in writing songs, jingles, scores, music beds and anything else the client of the moment asked for.

I didn't intend to write a book.

The book started out as a song, which took on a life of its own. Each line grew into a separate topic. The lyric spun like a thread, weaving into the prose that unfolded into Be Who You Are: A Song for My Children. I was pulled, by what turned out to be the tip of a message, which expanded as I wrote.

• Why'd you start writing in the first place?
I wanted my three daughters to hold on to their authenticity—to the unrepeatable sparkle in their eyes—no matter what. I thought the right words could protect them; shelter them from the inner and outer storms of life. And I wanted to leave them something they could lean on, long after I'm gone.

But it wasn't until reaching the end the book that I fully understood what the book was about—what it really means to, Be Who You Are. That unexpected message has unfolded into an unexpected life mission, one that I believe will cut through confusion, worry and want, and help lead people to perfect happiness, no matter what happens. And just something to think about . . .

• Is there anything more—anything else—anything better than perfect happiness?
Flat screen TV? Different job? Winning lotto? New girlfriend? Boyfriend? Puppy? (Ok maybe the puppy lol)

• So, you never expected your song to grow into a 368-page book?
Writing the book was a surprise. But the process of writing the book took me on an "unexpected" spiritual journey. Turns out the message I was passionate about instilling in my three daughters was the one I most needed to hear. Be Who You Are. And again, there are layers to being who you are, most people don't think about, or care about.

• Doesn't being who you are mean, doing what you love?
Doing what you love is a beautiful part of life's big picture, and part of the overarching message of my book. Doing what you love can also be part of the curriculum in the course of authenticity. It can fade the façade of appearance, into an opening for your essence to shine through like the sun.

Lose your self (ego) in what you love, and you'll find your Self (Essence) through what you love.

But doing what you love is only a portal to the point, which in a nutshell is—perfect happiness—being who you are, inside and out. And finding happiness on the outer road only—no matter how much you love it, is an impossibility. As comedian Jim Carrey says . . . "I wish people could realize all their dreams of wealth and fame, so they could see it's not where you'll find your sense of completion."

• What is the meaning of your book's cover illustration—two separate puzzle pieces, that when aligned, transform into birds soaring free?
The two puzzle pieces represent the inner and outer roads moving into alignment. When the amazing outer road of our talents, dreams, passions, career, finances, relationships, achievements, accolades, adventures, and motivations merge with the spiritual purpose of the inner road—the ultimate and only point of life. When heart and heaven beat as one, as the song lyric says—you'll be happy, no matter what happens. You'll be fearless. You'll be free . . .

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