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Book: Doubt (Among Us Trilogy) by Anne-Rae Vasquez

Book: Doubt (Among Us Trilogy) by Anne-Rae Vasquez

categories: Book, Apocalypse, Young Adult, Mystery, Angels and Demons, Fringe Science, Dystopia, Urban Fantasy, Teens, Series, Trilogy, Paranormal Thriller


Anne-Rae Vasquez

Author Anne-Rae Vasquezabout this book: "Doubt" is a paranormal pre-apocalyptic thriller mixing fringe science, corporate espionage and paranormal encounters in a fun and easy read. Readers of all ages will enjoy the clean read. Expect twists and turns, multiple characters, and supernatural conflicts as the main characters try to solve the mystery of their loved ones disappearances.

The Among Us Trilogy is about a group of online gamers who band together to investigate who or what is behind the catastrophic events happening around the world. They encounter paranormal supernatural forces both good and evil which trigger the end of the world as they know it.

--- Interview with the author ---

• Introduce us to the main characters:

Harry Doubt is a former child prodigy and tech genius. He created the popular online game the Truth Seekers. His best friend, Cristal is also a talented and intelligent programmer. Her father went missing when she was a child. She senses that there is something different about her but she cannot bring herself to admit it.

• What inspired you to create the main character?

When I first started writing Doubt, I was shaping out who would be the hero of my story and I decided that I wanted someone like the late Aaron Swartz, intelligent beyond his years, courageous and a seeker of truth and justice. My book Doubt is a tribute to Aaron's memory and also an inspiration for all young people to uphold Aaron's determination that all of us can use our talents to help make the world a better place.

I was also inspired by a young documentary filmmaker and activist Harry Fear whose coverage of the conflict in the Middle East was watched by millions on UStream all over the world.

Both Aaron and Harry are real truth seekers, which were my main inspirations for the main character Harry Doubt.

I have taken this same theme of Truth Seeking and applied it to the fictional story 'Doubt'.

• How did you develop your plot and characters?

The story mixes social media communications such as text messaging and video messaging as a form of communication between characters as they go on missions to find their family members.

All characters have aliases and avatars, which are displayed as a splash page image at the beginning of the book. The official website of the book ( also has detailed M.O.'s of the characters so readers can also view and interact with the characters on the website.

The story although geared to young adult/ early adult readers is also entertaining for general readers who are interested in the supernatural, sci/fi urban fantasy, apocalyptic genres with themes similar to the TV show Fringe (by J.J. Abrams).

As a filmmaker, journalist and web design programmer, I tell stories in multiple mediums. Doubt (book 1 of the Among Us Trilogy) was literally created from an interactive online reality game that I created with the help of my developmental editor (Josefina Rosado).

The official website interacts with visitors allowing them to participate as Truth Seekers following the theme of the story.

I wanted to give readers another way to connect with my story. Entertainment does not need to be contained in one medium. I believe in telling your story in many mediums. How do we do this? One way was to entice readers to participate in the experience of the story as it is being written.

Putting Theory to the Test Here was the plan I used for fan recruiting for my new novel Doubt, Book 1 of the Among Us Trilogy:

1) Design website for the book series using the theme of the story

(Theme: Truth seekers who are online gamers use the internet to communicate with each other and also hack into global networks to save the world from catastrophic events caused by an unknown entity.)

2) Entice beta readers to read drafts of the chapters as I write them but only awarding the first 10 who register

3) Assign characters from the novel to each beta reader.

4) Provide the beta reader with their assigned character's strengths, weaknesses, personality traits and physical characteristics.

5) As more chapters in the book are written, the ten beta readers will be asked to provide input with the incentive that what they write may be included in the next chapter. They will not know until the next chapter is released.

6) Release each new chapter to the first ten fans as an award for having joined early.

7) As more beta readers register to the site, ask them to create their own character and post the character's 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses and 3 physical characteristics on the website.

8) Entice additional beta readers to complete simple mission assignments related to the story with the incentive that their character may be chosen to be written into the Book 2 and Book 3 of the series.

9) Give beta readers a Thank you credit on a Thank You page on the site and also on the credit page when the book is published.

10) When the beta readers pass a mission assignment, a chapter will be released to them.

Using this approach to write Doubt, I also allowed fans to participate and shape the story. This has helped build the fan base and also promote the book launch. The release of the book is November 9, 2013 and because of this approach, Doubt is being featured at the Rain Dance Book Festival in Canada.

• Who designed the cover?
Moi. I'm a web designer in my alternate life so graphic design is one of my hidden talents.


Here's what readers had to say…


"I LOVE this book. This book is very well written, with an easy flow. I had to begin rereading it again last night. I like Doubt. I love Cristal.

My favorite parts of the book are the attractions between the characters. I reread the scene when Cristal first meets Kerim and she thinks she has a crush on someone else, (Harry), but Kerim obviously likes her and she refuses to admit she is interested.

I was hooked by the first page when Harry's father dies during a dinner party. Then his mother disappears. It doesn't hurt that Harry is a university senior when his father passes away, AND he sells a game he has created to Google, AND he is given the opportunity to have a job created for him. If I wasn't pulled in by the first page, certainly the first chapter would have done it.

I was a little confused when I read the scene in Gabriel's apartment and there is an earthquake, but quickly remembered when her father first disappears and she has an event in her room.

There are so many wonderful things I can say about this book; the storyline, the writing, the characters, the imagery, but I do not want to give too many things away.

I do love mystery thrillers and I think this book has not let me down. The anticipation of what is going to happen next, did I make the correct assumptions or am I headed down a different path?

I have recommended this book to my daughter and have told other family members about this book. They are not allowed to borrow my book, with the exception of my daughter, because I know it is one I will read and reread. I would buy this book online. I am excited to see what will happen in books two and three.

Thank you Anne-Rae Vasquez for sharing your book with me!" — S. Hicks, Inkspand reviewer


"I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this novel. Which was why I could not put it down for hardly a moment. From the very beginning and onward to the very end I was engaged in the storyline and also rooting for all of the hero characters. A few of them I found I could easily identify with quite well on a personal level. And actually all of those young adult characters seemed quite easily to me like the sort of interesting people I would like to know on a personal level.

The story's themes of discovering the truth about both our own selves and also the actual reality of the whole rest of the world around us are themes all people, not only just of the particular age group of the main characters as presented in the book, but also very many people of a lot of age groups also.

So, in essence, I not only found much pleasure and interest when reading this, as noted, first novel in a planned trilogy, but I would be very much delighted to not only read into the next books to come in the trilogy, but I would also be more than delighted to actually purchase this first book for around 10.99, when it is to be released this month, I also would take much delight in also purchasing the next two books in the trilogy when they are released, and in the event the next two books are anywhere near as awesome as this first installment was, I'm sure I would gladly purchase them for the around the same amount."- WogglebugLove Productions, Amazon review

"I was fascinated and hooked onto this book with it's captivating and well written story. The suspense builds at a fine pace throughout the book as well as the character development. The mystery in the story keeps you intrigued wanting more page after page."- Brisny, GoodReads review

"This is a very well written book, directed to the young adult audience, but that any reader that is looking for spending some hours entertained will enjoy very much this reading. The plot is simple to follow. Harry and Cristal just earned their PhD's and went to work together for a company named GN (Global Nation). Harry is a young and brilliant programmer, son of a famous quantum physicist (Aaron) that died during an after-work dinner party. His father had some strong theories on how time travel was doable. His partner in business (Dr. Saeed) was also a famous experimental scientist. His mother (Bina) disappeared while volunteering on a peacekeeping mission in Palestine.

Harry developed a game named Truth Seekers and he started hiring to work for him all the best programmers and game players he could find. They all had a mission to find out what was behind the scenes on certain mysterious events. And with the development of the story we learn that some members of this team have some special abilities that are not completely natural. Cristal is capable of produce earthquakes, although she is afraid of her powers and is not sure how they work or how she can control them. During a moment she was upset, she caused a major earthquake that was sensed in many different cities in the world. Kerim, her boyfriend, is capable of reading her mind. And things are not what they look like. They find some portals that could be entrances for wormholes for time travelling and they go to Israel to research one of those portals. But not everybody in Harry's team knows what is going on and which his motivations to create his missions are. He wants to look for his father and mother. Mystery and intrigue cause turbulence on the relationship among the members of Harry's team. And during a persecution from the Israeli Secret Service to capture Kerim, some details about his nature are revealed.

This is a very good start to a trilogy that promises to be very exciting. Very well developed characters.

This book was written by Anne-Rae Vasquez and I received a copy for reviewing from Inkspand and I was not requested to write a positive review. Opinion expressed here is my own." — R Mattos, Amazon Vine top reviewer

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