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Book: The Sky Kingdom Short Story Series by Elli Buchanan & Sierra Mullins

Book: The Sky Kingdom Short Story Series by Elli Buchanan & Sierra Mullins

categories: Book, Fantasy, Hawk Shifter, Legends, Myths, Fairy Tales, Short Stories, Paranormal Shifter Romance


Elli Buchanan

Author Elli Buchananabout this boxed set: I wanted to write a Shifter Romance, but something beyond the norm. No werewolves, bears, lions. I wanted something majestic and different... so I created: "The history of the World". Read on:

Shifters had been on the planet as long as pure humans and they had evolved, just as humans had. But the pure humans – or the Unmixed, as they were referred to by their Shifter overlords, were deemed inferior and weak and were left to themselves – only being tortured for sport or killed for pleasure. To eat of Unmixed flesh was thought to be repugnant and offensive.

Many species of Shifters ruled the world in their own places of power. The wolves, bears and giant cats often fought for their perceived territories, both in their animal and human forms and many held giant fortresses. The pure humans were slaves of their Shifter rulers and knew their place in the world of mystical magic and creatures more powerful than themselves.

The mighty birds of the Sky Kingdoms often watched as their land-bound cousins fought amongst themselves. From their positions high in the mountains, they were untouchable. Their only enemies were those from within their own race.

For millennium, the mightiest clan – the Owl Parliament – ruled with a cruel benevolence veiled behind their claim of being the oldest and wisest of the sky Shifters and therefore, the most entitled to rule… but as the Eagles and Hawks evolved and grew into their power, the balance began to shift.

The two rulers of the lesser species: Matuse of the Eagle Convocation and Everon of the Hawk Cast, put aside their inbred lust for blood and formed a pact: That their children – yet babies – would one day wed and join the two nations. The ensuing years of waiting for Egypt and Salima to reach adulthood would give them time to continue to build their numbers and their armies – and then they would take down the rulers of the Owl Parliament – the mighty Caradas family. All the while, both leaders were planning their own deception to rule the Sky Kingdoms outright.

Matuse, believing that his son – a man - would subjugate a woman and Everon, counted on his youth. He, being almost 20 years younger than Matuse, planned to control the young Egypt after the eventual passing of his father.

As the Shifter world battled each other for supremacy – their innate natures were those of killers and the bloodlust ran in all their veins – they failed to notice the rising of the Unmixed. As the centuries passed, the pure humans became more adapt at bending the world to their needs. They were using their most underutilized and powerful tool – their brain.

Soon the Shifter rulers began to make use of the ingenuity of the humans. Their human side recognized how these clever advances would make their own human world more appealing and comfortable and they enslaved and mixed with the humans more than ever.

While their egos would not – could not – ever envisage a superiority in the Unmixed, they did not see the arising… the slow but progressive ascension of the human race.
The centuries moved forward and steadily the tide turned. The world had changed and where the Unmixed had once been slaves, they now ruled in more than equal measure to the Shifters.

The Shifters still held positions of power, but now they hid their truth in folklore and fairytales. For the humans had become their match in areas they could never have imagined. They were cruel and bloodthirsty – just as the Shifters, but they had a more powerful weapon: their resourcefulness and creativity. Traits that would have been available to the human side of the Shifter species, but a side they had let languish, seeing their humanness as a weakness.
The Shifter world became a hidden world. To survive meant they had to live in a land that was populated and more often than not, controlled by the Unmixed. Their existence meant that their true natures were concealed and so it was … that the world changed.

The Sky Kingdoms found their own way to protect themselves from the human race, whose thirst for power outmatched their own. They used the sorcery of the Underworld faeries to create The Veil. A magical invisible shield that hid their mountain fortresses from the eyes of humans.

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