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Book: Protected By The Falcon - The Ancestor's Secrets Book 1 by Erika M. Szabo

Book Reviews: Protected By The Falcon - The Ancestor's Secrets Book 1 by Erika M. Szabo

categories: Book, Paranormal Fantasy, Time Travel, Magical Powers, Alternate History, Romantic Fantasy, Magical Realism, Paranormal Romance

Erika M. Szabo

Author Erika M. Szaboabout this book: Years ago, I was party, a party with my friend, Mary. I just finished telling a story about our disastrous fishing trip with a group of friend, a week before. We were having fun, and it took me by surprise when unexpectedly, I caught a large carp. My heart went out for the poor fish, but when I tried to take the hook out of its mouth, it bit me. Mary was horrified and fell into the lake, as she was backing up from the trashing fish on the deck.

Mary listened to the story with the others, but then pulled me aside and hissed, "I hate you! I told the story at work yesterday, and nobody laughed. Not even a smile. You tell the same story, and everyone rolls on the floor, laughing their heads off. You should be a writer."

I dismissed her idea then, but a few years later my daughter told me the same, so I started writing. I love fantasy stories that make my imagination fly, but I wanted to write a story that blends reality with fantasy. The kind of tale that is almost believable and makes the reader think, "What if it could be true? What if, in another dimension there is a world like that?"

The book was published, but when I read it a year later, I decided to rewrite it and add new ideas, events and characters. Although it's not a story that every reader will like, but it is magical-realism tale that I like to cozy up on the couch with, on a rainy afternoon.


Some of my readers said about the previous and present edition:

• "Erika M Szabo has much to offer in this most unusual story. Her characters are well developed and the plot line is extraordinarily different. I was fascinated by some of the Hun traditions and history scattered throughout the book." — J.E. Rogers

• "I loved how she added real life places, legends, and events throughout the story to co-inside with the fantasy parts of the story. I love the energy and the imagination of the author." — Jenny Barnum

• "Great read. Believable, lovable characters you want living within your walls, but settle for on your shelf or your kindle, or both." — Paula Shene

• "I got astonished when I noticed feelings emerging in me similar to these of the characters - longing, wishing to know secrets and annoyed about not getting to know them yet. It was brilliant; I insensibly got immersed in the story." — Skaiste

• "Ilona is a unique heroine, and is part of the line of Huns that still exists in the present day, though they keep their rituals a secret. I found Ilona to be tough, smart, and entertaining. Szabo manages to create the complete woman." — Joseph

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 Fascinating story, great characters

The author, very cleverly, gives you the right amount of mystery, suspense, surprise, romance and interesting facts that keeps you fascinated, and she makes you do one of those "can't put this book down until I'm finished" reading sessions, until dawn. I can hardly wait for book two. [by Zita Taylor]


This is a truly amazing book. This book pulled me in from the start. I found myself wanting Ilona's history to be my own. I felt her confusion, fear and excitement with each page I turned. I felt as if I could not get enough of her mysterious history as well as her daily experiences. This is a must read, you won't be disappointed!

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