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Book: How The Wolf Lost Her Heart by Sarah Brownlee

Book: How The Wolf Lost Her Heart by Sarah Brownlee

categories: Book, Dystopia, Spirit Animal, War, Supernatural, Humour, Tragedy, Heartbreak, Wolves, Tigers, Criminals, Social Observation, Paranormal Romance


Sarah Brownlee

Author Sarah Brownleeabout this book: This book is set 200 years in the future. Several obvious changes are apparent. Firstly, the City of London has descended into chaos. Law and order has broken down. Criminals and thugs roam around searching for victims on a daily basis. It is no longer safe for the average citizen to go out at night. The story revolves around the life of Skye Archer, an eighteen year old girl. She is also a Morpher. Morphers are a result of an experiment that took place two centuries prior (in 2012) when a professor created a fluid that gave the drinker the ability to transform into their spirit animal. Skye is the descendant of one of the girls who took part in the experiment, whose 'morphing' gene was passed down through the generations. She meets a man called Raphael Renzo and develops feelings for him. He is also a Morpher. The story focuses on her feelings for him and also on Raphael's vigilante actions to fight back at the thugs of the city.

I think readers will appreciate the concept of a dystopian London. There are also several original aspects in the story, such as cigarettes being replaced with bubble-blowing kits. Mobile phones have been replaced by Tag Devices, which produce a holographic image of the caller in the air. I also think readers will enjoy the more humorous parts of the story, such as Skye's encounter with her boss in Chapter Five. This is a romance novel, but there is also tragedy, humour and war. The story ends at the brink of an impending civil war and I think readers will find it interesting to compare today's world to the future world. I also think they will enjoy the concept of people being able to change into their spirit animals.

My inspiration for this book was that I wanted to write a romance which also had adventure, war and humour ingrained in it. The primary readers would be 14 to 21 year-old women, but I think the dystopian and conflict aspects would appeal to readers of all ages, and both genders.

It took me 3 months to write, but longer to edit and proofread. The title was an issue for me at first and I almost called it 'The Wolf's Heart.' But I felt that was too plain and also there was another book with the same title, so in the end I settled for How the Wolf Lost Her Heart - because she does end up losing it to him (Raphael.)

The cover was made by an acquaintance of mine and I immediately knew it would be a perfect fit for the story. It captures the atmosphere of the book and also has an element of mystery to it. I've also been told it is very attractive.

The hardest part of writing the book was the editing. Writing the story itself came naturally and flowed freely, but the editing took quite a while. My story did not require too much research as most of it came from imagination; the most research I did was on various areas in London.

From this book, I learned I can write romantic fiction. I've always stuck to fantasy and children's novels so it was heartening to be able to write a Young Adult Paranormal Romance.

I would like to tell my readers that I truly hope they enjoy this novel. I would like them to know the consequences that could occur if law and order broke down and I believe I express this in the book. I would like the readers to immerse themselves in the world I have created and to feel the emotions of the characters the same way the characters do.

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