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Book: Shadow of the Wolf by Anastacia Kelley

Book Review: Shadow of the Wolf by Anastacia Kelley

categories: Book, Werewolf, Paranormal Romance

Author: Anastacia Kelley

 Gimme this Wolf

I love to watch authors grow with each book. 'Shadow of the Wolf' is a wonderful paranormal romance that shows true growth. Ms. Kelley did an excellent job of suspending disbelief and has gotten better with each book she writes. In a little over 21,000 words, she's managed to pack an amazing amount of story in this intense novella. Mixing fact and fiction is why Ms. Kelley's book has such a 'realness' to it. Keep writing, please!!

What woman wouldn't want to see 'Trevor' naked and in their beds? Or looking at you like he could ravage you all night long and makes good on it? It's fantasy fiction but oh, boy, how much fun it is to get lost in this story for a while. I've seen more pictures of the cover model, Marko--some of them shirtless. Yummy! He is definitely mouth-watering and , as others had also put it, 'swoon-worthy'. He is the perfect choice for the author. The song seemed tailor made for 'Trevor'. Please seek out some of Marko's pictures. You won't be sorry.

This was erotic reading in a more subtle sense, meaning it wasn't crude and I didn't feel I needed a shower after reading it. It wasn't as in your face as some 'erotic' books in the market but it's still just as steamy, if not more. Love scenes are always more erotic when the characters aren't flat and they actually have a palpable chemistry. The story line and plot, in my opinion, was better written than some books considered 'popular erotica'. I finished this in one day!! I did have to look at the cover a few times, you know, just to make sure I had a clear image in my mind.

The story starts you off with a look at the Van Holden family tree. Then we move on the find a woman with an unusual name, Serenitee Snow. I've never heard anyone called that but I like it. Serenitee moved down South to get away from the heaviness of the city. She wants to work on a novel and felt a new place was just the ticket to get the creativeness flowing. She buys a home on the Van Holden property and has no idea of the story behind Trevor's family. she eventually learns bit and pieces just what kind of problems the Van Holden's have had. Some, she learns from a nurturing cafe owner, Rue Greene, the 'mother' of the small town of Holden. The other, she reads from an old journal that was hidden under the floor of the Van Holden home she'd purchased. At first, she thinks it's a work of fiction because of the title but realizes it contains stories of Trevor's ancestors.

Trevor had been a recluse by choice because he was too afraid of what he might do to others when he transformed. But when Serenitee moves into one of his houses on the property, Trevor rethinks his reclusive ways. He becomes too attracted to Serenitee that he takes a chance and begins finding reasons to visit her; helping her with the heavier work in the home and jumping at the chance when she invites him to dinner. Eventually, he gives in to the attraction completely.

The love making, or sex scenes, whichever you want to call them, are sizzling hot. They were very descriptive. The shower scene, against the wall, on the floor, etc will get your pulse pumping. If not, you'd better check it. I read some of the scenes to my husband. Let me tell you, re-enacting can be fun. Just WOW!

Serenitee doesn't stop trying to find a way to help Trevor. She knows he loves her. She loves him, too, and wants to find a way that they can be together before the curse takes him away from her for good.

Trevor thinks that it would be in her best interest not to see him anymore. Not because he doesn't care for her. It's because he's scared that the wolf's lust for flesh and the human's lust for Serenitee might become blurred. He didn't want to cross that line when he no longer knew the difference. He doesn't trust himself and he would end his own life if he hurt Serenitee. But she is a stubborn woman and keeps looking for answers anyway. If it could help change Trevor's life for the better, she was determined to find it.

Ms. Kelley has a talent for conveying the protagonists' pain, love and guilt. I could feel it coming from the pages.

I strongly recommend this for all paranormal lovers, romance and erotic readers, women who are fascinated by smoking hot men in need of a woman's touch. If you love sexy men who turn into strong werewolves and love the myths and legends of lycanthropy, pick this up. A truly magnificent read by a truly gifted story teller. Way to go, Ms. Kelley! I'm waiting for you next book. I'm thrilled to see what adventure you will take me on next.

The grammar and punctuations was spot on. The sentences were well formed and the reading was smooth. I don't think I've seen any words misspelled in any of her books.

Get 'Shadow of the Wolf'!! It may be a novella but it more than makes up for it with a great plot, three dimensional characters you can relate to and tempting love scenes.

I'm giving 4.9 stars because it didn't say how the curse started. But, that didn't bother me or take away from the story. It was still a fantastic read. [by Elia]

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