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Book: Lemurian Medium (A Rachel Blackstone Paranormal Mystery Series, Book 2) by G G Collins

Book: Lemurian Medium (A Rachel Blackstone Paranormal Mystery Series, Book 2) by G G Collins

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G G Collins

Author G G Collinsabout this book: "Lemurian Medium" is the second installment in the Rachel Blackstone Paranormal Mystery Series.

It was a normal reporting assignment. Rachel was to attend an opening at a stylish Santa Fe art gallery. But there was this one painting, unlike no other hanging from the walls. It was two-faced; one lovely landscape, replaced by something hideous. In the blink of an eye, it would transform. The painting seemed to command entry. Step into the painting and you would be where? Rachel’s friend Stella succumbs to its concealed powers and vanishes as Rachel watches in horror.

Earthly efforts to locate her fail. The police write her off as a middle-aged crisis. The only clue: Stella’s necklace. Rachel receives a visit from a serpent deity of Mesoamerican culture who threatens her and those she loves. It becomes obvious Rachel will have to utilize a new way to find Stella. She and best friend Chloe consult a soul navigator who suggests astral travel might be the most likely way to rescue their friend. But Rachel is fearful of the “Terror of the Threshold,” a kind of entry by fire on the astral plane.

Ever since Rachel botched the Hopi ceremony to return the dead, she has been perplexed with “talents” she doesn't appreciate and finds skeptical at best. Now she must add astral travel to her repertoire. When she finally masters it, she discovers the lost civilization of Lemuria. In this strange land, who can she trust; the tall Lemurians who come in vivid colors and seem friendly or the reptilian Lemurians who appear dangerous? Can appearances be deceptive?

Rachel must sort out the good from the bad, rescue her friend and leave the continent before it sinks. As the earth shakes beneath her and the volcanoes erupt into the skies, she must hurry before the link with her time is broken forever.

As with any journalism story, I researched this book. I started with the dreams of Lemuria Shirley MacLaine spoke of in her book The Camino: A Journey of the Spirit. And then I read other books on Lemuria, astral travel and crystal power.

Rachel’s spirit animal, the wolf, returns and he finally gets a name. Her psychic cat (aren't they all?) Chile Pod is there to alert her to danger. The motley magazine office crew is on hand—except the one who has vanished. And Chloe is still catering journalistic stakeouts, much to Rachel’s chagrin.



Reluctant Medium

Reporter Rachel Blackstone performs an ancient Hopi ritual to return the dead. She wants one last conversation with her father. Instead, an evil spirit slips through, one intent on revenge. She must stop this soul, but she can’t ignore it seems to be leading her straight to City Hall where her brother is mayor. And who is the wolf? Friend or foe? Rachel teams up with best friend Chloe. They search the streets of Santa Fe for clues to the conspiracy unfolding. Rachel must return the wicked soul before it can kill--again.



Atomic Medium

A time warp has opened in a popular retail store on Palace Avenue. The building was the main office of the Manhattan Project during its development in the 1940s. Evil has once again slipped into Santa Fe. It is using the portal to give the Germans the upper hand during WWII. Only one person has witnessed the entry of two dangerous men through the doorway to the past. If reporter Rachel Blackstone can't stop them, history will be changed. It's no small chore: just save the world.

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