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Book: Anasazi Medium (Rachel Blackstone Paranormal Mysteries) by G G Collins

Book: Anasazi Medium (Rachel Blackstone Paranormal Mysteries) by G G Collins

categories: Book, Native American Fiction, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Occult Supernatural, Cultural Heritage Fiction, Friendship Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Ghost Mystery, Psychic Suspence, Paranormal Mystery


G G Collins

Author G G Collinsabout this book: As birds fall from the sky, Rachel watches in horror from her kitchen window. A few minutes later, an ancient spirit visits her. His message is one of horror. The Fourth World of the Hopi is about to end. He told her: "Everyone you know and everyone you do not know will die. You will die. Your feline will die."

This will be reporter Rachel Blackstone's most challenging paranormal adventure yet. If she doesn't find the evil men who are stealing from Mother Earth, there will be no stopping the fiery finish. But who are they? Meanwhile, Santa Fe is experiencing unusually strong earthquakes and New Mexico's dormant supervolcano, the Valles Caldera, is threatening to erupt.

The investigation will lead her to the Land of the Dead from which she may not return. Her job is to obtain information that will stop Sirius, the Dog Star, from impacting the planet and effectively ending not just the Fourth World, but the planet and all its inhabitants.

Rachel gathers her friends, both the quick and the dead, and races to avert a dinosaur apocalypse. She must hurry because the ninth and last sign is hurtling toward Earth.

As a reporter and life-long learner, I enjoy research. This book is no different. Whether it was the supervolcano, the life of water in our most water-challenged state or the fascinating traditions and beliefs of the Hopi, it was a research-rich journey.

"Anasazi" is a derogatory word to the Hopi. It is a Navajo word meaning "enemy of my ancestors." The Hopi prefer Hisatsinom or Ancient Ones. I used Anasazi in the title because most people are more familiar with the term, and I explain in the narrative why the word is offensive.

My cover artist is adept at finding just the right images. The spiral, while not unique to the Hopi, can indicate long journeys while monoliths can represent strength. She incorporated both in the cover.

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