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Book: Kismet by Baldip Kaur

Book: Kismet by Baldip Kaur

categories: Book, Women, Justice, Betrayal, Prison, Corruption, Oppression


Baldip Kaur

Author Baldip Kaurabout this book: Kismet highlights women's oppression, both in India, Pakistan and the west. In India, it is shown in the form of Domestic Violence (a universal issue), caste system, child marriages, and dowry whilst in the west there are problems of drug abuse alcoholisms. Etc. It is set in a prison in England, where 2 women, Anisha and Carma relive the tragic incidents that led to their imprisonment at same time exposing the harsh culture of the prison, its rules and problems. It draws attention to the discrimination in the judicial system in India, Pakistan and England. Although set in London, it has flashbacks going back to India and Pakistan.

Kismet started as a writing project, but as I put pen to paper, was inspired by the suffering of the oppressed woman, especially in India, although there are feminist groups tackling the issue…..also mentioned in Kismet.

As kismet has oppression has its theme, I feel it would be of special interest to women.

It has taken me about 10 years to write and I chose the title because of its meaning…it means fate and that is what the book is about quote firm book…."It seemed as if her life was an airship-it inflated and deflated. It changed form…." The cover title 'Kismet' is set in a ribbon surrounded by stars.

The hardest part for me was to decide which person to write it in....first, second or third and I have written about 3 different versions of kismet.

A lot of research was done for Kismet in finding the different forms of oppression, the working of the prison and it rules and regulations. Researching the prison service in India and Pakistan, and its problems. This involved a lot of reading, visits to the library and last but not least, listening to current news how some of these were still prevalent…honour killings Sati etc.

From writing kismet, I have learnt that although women have suffered, they are strong because of it! I would like to salute these voiceless women and also those people who are addressing these issues.

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