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Book: What happens in office, stays in office by Ankur Mithal

Book: What happens in office, stays in office by Ankur Mithal

categories: Book, Workplace Humor, Workplace Satire, Office Satire, Leadership, Management, Office Humor

Ankur Mithal

Author Ankur Mithalabout this book: In pursuit of the amorphous "more"; better designation, more money, cooler car, bigger house, many of us have enslaved ourselves to our "work" and chosen to limit our identity to the name-card we carry.

This pursuit is relentless, pitted, as we are, against millions of others in exactly the same pursuit, and vying for, the seemingly limited "more", such as the bonus pool, "relative ranking" being one of humanity's greatest modern inventions.

In such a world, whether we choose direct methods like lying and stealing, or resort to skills of a higher level, like pretending to be busy or shouting others down, are the day-to-day life-and-death decisions one needs to make in order to stand out from the crowd.

Large, multi-national corporations, a significant influence in today's open and free-market economics driven world employing hundreds of millions of people, are the playground for these daily epics.

I have tried to capture these situations, and the behaviour of people in these situations, in this set of humorous (read ironical), and cynical short stories.

Note of caution: While it is easy to imagine, and believe, that these situations apply to someone else, like our colleagues, or our bosses (who anyway are most often the subject of our lampooning and caricaturing), let us not forget that we may also be colleagues and bosses to others and, hence, these situations may be applicable to us just as well as anyone else. Hence, if you are squeamish about your own behaviour, stay away from this book.

It takes all sorts of people to make the world. The world is a bright and colourful place thanks to this diversity. It includes some people who may act in the manner described in these cameos. It also includes many others who may not.

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