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Book: ADDED SUGARS THE SLOW POISON - Discover the Cumulative and Deadly effects of Added sugars used in Processed food by Srividya Bhaskara

Book: ADDED SUGARS THE SLOW POISON - Discover the Cumulative and Deadly effects of Added sugars used in Processed food by Srividya Bhaskara

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Srividya Bhaskara

Author Srividya Bhaskaraabout this book: Added sugars the slow poison is a short, interesting, informative book which will give you a lot of information about how 60 DIFFERENT NAMES OF SUGARS are silently added to every processed food item we consume on a regular basis like Breakfast cereals, protein bars, cold drinks, sports drinks, baby foods, sweetened yogurts and even tomato ketchup.

Due to attractive marketing strategies adopted by the food industry, we are unable to see the large (hidden) amounts of added sugars we are consuming every day.

These added sugars don't affect us immediately, but on regular consumption act as **slow poison**  causing metabolic disorders like: visceral fat storage, Obesity, Insulin resistance, Non-alcoholic fatty liver, Type-2 diabetes.

I felt a strong sense of social responsibility to spread awareness so that these Refined sugars/ added sugars do not corrupt or damage the health of our children and future generations. 

My target audience is young children, teenagers, adults who are getting addicted to these Hidden/added sugars in their regular diet and are prone to various Metabolic diseases.


ADDED, before purchasing any food items from the store. I want everyone to gain sufficient knowledge about added sugars/refined sugars and eliminate them from their life and provide a safe, healthy, happy food environment their children, families and future generations.

I am a very creative person, so I wanted to make sure that my Ebook cover is bright, colourful, attractive & contextual. I have chosen unique colours for each product, so that my Ebook cover leaves a Good & lasting impression on its readers. My love for Nature, beautiful shades of colors have been my silent inspiration to create this lovely book cover.

During the process of writing the book Added sugars the slow poison, I did a lot of research. I happened to listen to many videos related to added sugars and their shocking & harmful effects on various parts & major functions of our body. My book is very specifically inspired by the videos of 3 doctors.

They are:

1. Sugar the bitter truth – by Dr Robert Lustig
2. Sugar toxicity- by Dr Eric berg
3. Dr. Aseem Malhotra - Sugar, advocacy or activism?

I would strongly suggest all my readers go through the videos of these 3 doctors Dr.Robert Lustig, Dr.Eric berg, Dr.Aseem Malhotra. They have helped me a lot to understand many interesting scientific facts about these sugars, which we even as educated adults are totally unaware of. It took a total of 5 -6 months for me to neatly publish this Ebook.

Added sugars slow poison will provide you with an extra knowledge about 11 Healthy, Alternative Natural sugars (DATES, DARK CHOCOLATES, HONEY) which can be widely used to satisfy our taste buds. These Natural sugars will also satisfy your sweet tooth, provide minerals, antioxidants, vitamins to our body.

Apart from learning how to format an Ebook and publishing an E-Book, I learnt how different types of sugars (FRUCTOSE, SUCROSE, GLUCOSE) produce different reactions, effects on the organs of our body. I was shocked by the high consumption of FRUCTOSE, its negative effects like production of lipid droplets, FATTY LIVER, VERY LOW-DENSITY LIPOPROTEINS, hypertension, heart diseases, Type-2 diabetes.

I also learned that artificial sweeteners like ASPARTAME, SUCRALOSE, ACESULFAME-K are equally unsafe and dangerous. These artificial sweeteners produce Neurotoxins, damage our kidneys, eyes when taken in regular & large doses.


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