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Book: LEAKY GUT NO MORE - 12 Proven Ways to Heal Leaky Gut Naturally - Boost Metabolism, Lose Weight Permanently by Sarah Jones

Book: LEAKY GUT NO MORE - 12 Proven Ways to Heal Leaky Gut Naturally - Boost Metabolism, Lose Weight Permanently by Sarah Jones

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Sarah Jones

Author Sarah Jonesabout this book: Millions of people may be struggling with leaky gut syndrome, and they do not even know they have it. While it may seem that leaky gut affects the digestive system, it actually can lead to non-digestion-related health conditions.
Research states that the cause of low energy, food allergies, joint pain, autoimmune conditions, slow metabolism, and thyroid disease could be the progression of leaky gut symptoms.

The gut is inherently permeable to small molecules in order to absorb their nutrients. Regulating intestinal permeability, in fact, is the cells' basic function, and occurs in the intestinal wall.

Gluten in sensitive people can cause the cells in the gut to release the protein zonulin, which can break apart the intestinal lining's tight junctions. Other factors like toxins, infection, age, and stress, can also cause the junctions to split apart. Once the junctions break, your gut starts suffering.
When you have leaky gut, substances like microbes, undigested food particles, toxins, and many others can leak from your intestines and enter the bloodstream. Your immune system considers such substances as pathogens and attacks them. This leads to an immune response that may manifest in any of the signs of leaky gut discussed below.

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to improve your gut health in order for you to live a healthy life, look good, feel good, and lose weight.

Good health starts in the gut. Thus, good digestion is vital for both physical and mental health. The gut, however, can become 'leaky' and may lead to various health conditions like food intolerances, irritable bowel syndrome, weight gain, allergies, chronic fatigue, skin problems, migraine, and countless medical conditions.

This book will help you understand the basics of leaky gut, especially the signs of it. Moreover, the book lists 12 steps on how to heal your gut so you can do your work well and enjoy life.

This book will help you to:
- Identify the causes and symptoms of Leaky Gut Syndrome
- Understand the correlation of SIBO, Candida and Leaky Gut Syndrome
- Apply the 12 effective ways to heal and seal Leaky Gut
- Find out about the recommended foods to eat in the first month
- Discover simple gut-friendly recipes that rebalance the immune system and heal and seal your gut lining
- Identify which foods to avoid at all cost


Customer reviews:

• "This is an excellent book on the subject of leaky gut syndrome.
Leaky gut syndrome is effecting a lot of people and it basically kicks off when there is an interaction between foods and toxins in the system whereby some of the toxins from the intestines leak into the rest of the body. It's certainly a prevalent condition and anything which helps relieve it is a good idea, because .leaky Gut Syndrome results in a wide range of degenerative health conditions.

What I like about this book is that the author has taken out a lot of time to go through the theoretical background explaining what exactly is going on and how to cure it . The book is extensive and well written and is full of helpful recipes which will help you to overcome this health condition!" — Dermot Farrell, reader

• "This book is clear and concise from the beginning to end. The details on how the function of the intestinal organs for me was gruelling to read but necessary as a foundation to fully comprehending where things go wrong during the Leaky Gut Syndrome process in comparison the normal function of the bodies intestinal organs.

When you do completely understand the differences, it becomes apparent what you need to do- which is to read the whole book in one sitting and then take action on it. Having gone gluten free a year ago on my own journey to health I wish I had this resource. This book provides information not only on how to go gluten free and what to avoid but also what is imperative to add to your diet and how to transition from the phase of complete food avoidance to thru the food reintroduction phase and the healing supplements you will need to acquire and how to take them in what forms. Including some recipes at the end to assist you on your journey. I think it is a well written book that is organized and well-thought out from the beginning to the end.

I would and have now recommended this to friends and suggest anyone with health issues give this a read. Myself, I want this book in a physical copy for easy reference as I will be going back over this for recipes and refreshers. It's also a great conversation book for those interested in a journey to healthy life." — D.Hill, reader

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