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Book: Modern Nutrition Breakthrough Secrets - Overcoming high blood pressure, diabetes and more without Drugs by George J. McClelland

Book: Modern Nutrition Breakthrough Secrets - Overcoming high blood pressure, diabetes and more without Drugs by George J. McClelland

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George J. McClelland

Author George J. McClellandabout this book: Overcoming High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and more Without Drugs is a revision of my first book, What Your Doctor Doesn't Know Might Kill You. It was a major undertaking because it covers a wide range of diseases and their natural remedies. Some of my recent books are basically a chapter out of this book. Of course, there has been a number of revisions as I learned more about a particular disease or additional remedies.

I am a retired minister whose health broke when I was 58. The medical profession, who I thought were little gods with miracle healing powers, did their best to help with no success. The members of the church I was serving could see a steady degradation of my health. One of the ladies told me she had a natural remedy which could return me to health. I didn't believe her, but to keep her happy, followed her advice. To my surprise, in only one month my chronic infections and the debilitating pain in my lower back had completely disappeared. In three months my frozen right shoulder was restored to its full range of motion.

Five years later, in another church location, there was a garden in the backyard but it was where the basement of the old church was located. It had been filled in with sand and the only thing that would grow there was plants that could live in poor soil. One of the farmers gave me all the old cow manure I wanted so I dug the entire 30 by 70 foot garden area down two and a half feet and added a foot of cow manure, a foot of leaves and filled the top over with the sandy top soil. I gave the sand I had removed to a church member who needed it. This task would have been impossible without the restoration of my health.

The book looks at many diseases, heart, diabetes, ADD/ADHD and more. It covers some of the causes of diseases and gives suggested remedies. The remedies suggested consist of powerful antioxidants, organic minerals and natural vitamins. It is important that you pay attention to the quality of any supplementation program. For example, Ascorbic Acid is not really vitamin C and cannot do for you what natural Vitamin C does. Vitamin C contains flavonoids and ascorbic acid does not. Minerals that do not contain a carbon atom can be toxic to your body so your minerals must be organic (containing the carbon atom).

Calcium is essential for health. But most calcium supplementation products are inorganic and can actually damage your body. In order to be absorbed, certain co-factors have to be present. Even drinking cow's milk is inadequate. A study of thousands of nurses showed that the ones who drank the most milk daily had the worst arthritis problems. There are good sources of calcium. The book includes an article I wrote, The Truth About Coral Calcium, which includes the co-factors needed to use calcium.

Sickness is not your natural state. You were created to be healthy. You must take your health into your own hands. Traditional medicine treats sickness and does not tell you how to stay healthy.

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