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Book: Nuclear Power - How a Nuclear Power Plant Really Works by Amelia Frahm

Book: Nuclear Power - How a Nuclear Power Plant Really Works by Amelia Frahm

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Amelia Frahm

Author Amelia Frahmabout this book: How does a nuclear power plant really work?

A chubby rat missing the tip of his tail and a pretty blue bird missing some tail feathers suspect it is the design of an energy guzzling cat named Penelope. They believe she wants to use the electricity from Nukie Nuclear Power Plant to cook them for dinner.

Chubby blames his tip-less tail on Penelope. The truth is he lost it nosing around a nuclear chain reaction demonstration made of mousetraps loaded with orange Ping-Pong balls that he thought was cheddar cheese.

Where did this idea come from?

One of the author's first jobs was working at a nuclear power plant. She was asked to create an elementary school program to teach children about nuclear energy. One of the things she demonstrated to students was how a fission chain reaction occurs inside a nuclear reactor. The demonstration consisted of mousetraps loaded with Ping-Pong balls. She really disliked loading mousetraps because if you're not careful you can get your fingers pinched or set them all off and have to load the mousetraps with Ping-Pong balls all over again.

Her classroom presentations were back to back and she had to quickly set 50-75 mousetraps and then carefully load them with the Ping-Pong balls.

There was always that one inquisitive student who would nose around her demonstration before her presentation began and set them off! Or get a finger pinched. Those mischievous, inquisitive kids became her inspiration for Chubby.

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