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Book Reviews: Many Wonderful Things by Robert Huffman, Irene Specht

categories: Books, Religion & Spirituality, New Age

Authors: Robert Huffman, Irene Specht
Publisher: Devorss & Co (Txp)

 Many Wonderful Moments

I found this book around 1984. I have returned to it over and over. As a matter of fact it now stays by my bedside. Some years ago, I read it late at night and I was overcome which such love and joy that I wanted to wake everyone up to tell them how much I loved them. It would have caused quite a stir as I was a distrustful and lone-wolf type of guy.

I have given a few copies to those closest to me. It should be reprinted and I am amazed that with all the half-sense (at best) material out there this wonderful book hasn't been reissued.

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 Best Book Ever

This book should be on the top list of must reads for everyone! It is truly a journey and about face understanding all in one... I read it several years ago, and now I'm in the process of looking for a copy of my own. After reading this book, I was able to contact Irene Specht, and spoke with her for about an hour, and what a lovely lady she is. She even offered to send me a copy but her extras were all gone. The book needs to be out again, I'm positive it would be a number one seller again. A book that will move you to the core of your being....


I found this book at a library sale. It is a second printing edition from 1958. I had gone through the sale area and searched the tables for some time. I bought the things i collected and went into a different area of the library. I kept feeling as if i should go back. "Look again" kept repeating in my head. I began to get annoyed at the insistent feeling that i should go back through the large amount of books scattered over nearly a dozen tables, but i did go back for another look. I found a copy of "Many Wonderful Things". The book had an odd slipcover and was clearly an older book. It was the title that caught my eye. What an interesting title i thought. It was a couple of days later that i began reading. It HAS changed me. I know I will never be the same. People who know me commented on the difference. I could not put the book down. I felt a peace, a joy and a lightness overcome me the more i read. Near the end of the book it suddenly occurred to me that i had seen Robert Huffman's name on the inside cover when i first opened the book.

I had earlier written off the writing in the front as a quick note from the giver of the book to a loved one or friend. I turned to the inside cover and sure enough it was signed by Robert Huffman and Irene Specht. The signatures were proceeded by the quote, "God IS loving you now!" The most interesting thing about this author's note was that it was written out to a woman who shared my own last name. I recommend this book to anyone who will listen and think it should be reprinted. I think that more of the world is now ready for the message it contains.

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