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Book: Suicide Survivors Tell You The Truth About Suicide - Near-Death Experiences of Suicide Survivors by John J. Graden

Book: Suicide Survivors Tell You The Truth About Suicide - Near-Death Experiences of Suicide Survivors by John J. Graden

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John J. Graden

Author John J. Gradenabout this book: The Near Death Experiences of Suicide Survivors

What happens when a person like Robin Williams takes his or her life? This book profiles people who committed suicide had a Near Death Experience and lived to tell about it.

People commit suicide to escape the pain of their current life. Do they escape the pain? Is the after-life for a suicide victim different from that of a natural or accidental death? Find out in this fascinating, easy to ready book.

These people died by their own hand, visited the after-life and returned to tell us about what happens when you commit suicide.

That's why this book was careful to choose near-death experiences of suicide attempts of people who made the conscious decision to end their life. They weren't throwing themselves on a grenade or facing a lifetime as a vegetable hooked up to a machine. Nor does it seem any of them was dealing with deep depression like Robin Williams.

These were regular people who made the ultimate decision. That's what makes this book so fascinating and why it has been #1 in the Psychology of Suicide for so long. These are stories most of us can relate to.

From a teenager with low self-image to a drug addict who blew his face off in front of his wife. These people faced difficult situations like all of us do, yet they chose the ultimate solution and what happened to them next is absolutely mind-blowing.

While most NDEs are wonderful events, that is not always the case with people who attempt take their life.

• "It was like someone took acid and poured it over the top of my head until it ran over every inch of my body … I became a tormented being of fear."

• "He saw a window appear and his family on the other side. All he wanted to do was tell them he didn't mean to do this. He just wanted to tell them he was sorry."

"Near Death Experiences: Suicide Survivor Stories" is the third book in John J. Gradens' Near Death Experience series.

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