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Book: Passing of the King (A Rachel Bailey Mystery) by K. J. Cales

Book: Passing of the King (A Rachel Bailey Mystery) by K. J. Cales

categories: Book, Pavee, Pagan, Murder, Insanity, Disguised, Religous View, Self-Respect, Honor, Greed, Moriarty, Mycroft, Mystery


K. J. Cales

Author K. J. Calesabout this book: Author Rachel Bailey returns home from an extended book tour to find the world is infected by insanity like a pandemic virus. Her main character is purported to exist in real life after a former Professor dies warning Rachel only that her life is in mortal danger. Rachel has to fight through the madness of a crazy person trying to become the mental love child of Sterling and Bradbury rewriting her life to discover why her teacher was murdered along with who wants her dead and why. Is there no unwritten law that protects writers from living the worst rough draft of their genre?

I wrote this book for the adults out there in need of a break from dull reality. Those who think they wouldn't mind stepping out of their lives and into the pages of an exciting novel. There is some truth in the saying of taking care of what one wishes for after all.

Rachel's series came to life over the span of a strange dream (where many of my stories are born) through my first session of Camp NaNoWriMo in June of 2012. While the cover I found through CreateSpace. The image holds so many secrets to this book along with more of the series itself. A forest with a tangle of bamboo that seem so out of place. A person disguised, walking away, barefoot, and yet still unnerving to the senses much like the unnatural bamboo.

The title came out of my initial dream and aspects of the murdered man. The obvious elements are there, however, more hides within the words as well. As Rachel would say, "you have to expand your horizons." Here I tend to follow the path of J. K. Rowling in writing. That I hide future events tucked within plain sight.

Amusingly, the worst part to research was the first death. I contacted a local brake shop explaining my profession and the situation I found myself in, since I know little about cars beyond how to drive one. Before I received all of my needed answers, the man said he would not help me kill someone and politely as possible hung up. Beyond this, most of what I needed I found on the internet.

What I found hardest in writing Passing of the King was persevering to the end. Both in my initial rough draft as well as in the long editing process. Most readers have no idea what goes into writing a book. I know that I held no clue what I was getting into when I began.

I did learn in writing this book that I am capable of more than I once gave myself credit. My father and aunt both supported me of my blood family along with a few fictive sisters and my fictive nephew as well. In fact, rather than give up on my dream, I pushed myself this far because I promised my father I would publish what I was working on the last day we were together before his death. Unfortunately, I was working on two book in two genres. Rachel won the race to the editing line first and is born ahead of her sister, but Maeve will follow (likely after Rachel's second book).

For my readers, as I have said before there are clues all around. Look for them. I will also hint the next book for Rachel will have a Halloween theme is a twisted way.

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