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Book: The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil by Ruth Mossing

Book Review: The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil by Ruth Mossing

categories: Book, Come to Jesus, Obey the Gospel, Acts 2-38, Praise His Name, Jesus is God, God in Flesh, God is Love, Love Thy Brethern, Search the Scriptures, Follow His Commandments, Way, Truth, Life, Beginnin, Mystery Babylon


Ruth Mossing

about this book: This Book is about the Great Whore, Mystery Babylon, It reveals the Mystery Name in Her Forehead, as told in Rev-17-5. The Great Whore, who rode the 7-Headed Beast Rule. She deceived the Whole world, and All the World wondered after the Beast. It reveals the Mystery Name, that is driven by the "Love of Money, The Root of ALL Evil, 1st Tim-6-10". The whole World is ruled by this Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, (Falsely called Science, 1st Tim-6-20-21)

This Mystery Whore has corrupted the whole world with Her Fornication, and all Nations have drank of the Cup full of Evil. The Dragon, or the Ol,Serpent, the Devel and Satan, gives the Beast she rides, its Power and great authority. The Mark of this Beast is Buying and Selling, and it is the oppisition of the Early Church, "Everyone had all things in common, and no one called anything His own." The Book is about the Earth, going into Perdidtion (Distruction), and they have the Neclear Bombs ready, just as Peter said, "This Earth is reserved unto Fire, against the Day of Judgement and Perdition (distruction) of Ungodly Men.

I was Inspired to write this Book, by Jesus telling Us, "When you see all these things, (Earthquakes, Famine, Etc) know Ye the End is Near, Even at the Door." We could not see these things, without the Knowledge of Good and Evil, Television. The Readers of this Book should be All People. The Title came to Me, by watching all the Evil happening all over the World. I want to say to All, "Look Up The King Is Coming

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Jesus said there would be Earthquakes in different places,(Callafornia), Pestlences (Eboli Virus) Famine (Christains in Irac without food) Jesus said "When you see all these things, know ye the End is Near, even at the Door" Look up the King is coming

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