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Book: A Transgression in Time by R. Howard Trembly

Book: A Transgression in Time by R. Howard Trembly

categories: Book, Suspense, Action, Romance, Fear, Mass Murderer, Sheriff, Actress, Hero, Lawman, Criminal, Evil, Mystery Adventure


R. Howard Trembly

Author R. Howard Tremblyabout this book: A Transgression in Time is an adventure that spans many years, from the contemporary to the wilds of the 1880's where men ruled through strength and iron will.

Some men governed for the benefit of those around them, like the fictional Cartwrights of television fame, while others like the character in A Transgression in Time of Joshua Ramey, used his power and wealth for the benefit of only himself. Vicious and evil, the life of others meant nothing to him if he could add to his fortune by ending their existence here on earth.

And he would have had a free reign of terror if not for his greed and discovered ability to cross the barriers of time to steal from those that lived in his far distant future, and one Jeff Burns, Sheriff of Malecite County, Arizona.

Then there is the famous actress Josephine Thorp, a stunning woman from Jeff Burns's past, who once his lover, now acts as if he doesn't exist. Her disappearance adds to the mystery of a mysterious light that always appears just before someone turns up missing.

Also, what of the young man whose body turns up looking twenty years older than when he vanishes just two weeks before? A transformation so startling that his own parents refuse to claim the body!

The story follows Joshua Ramey from his thieving youth coming out West with his banker father on the Oregon Trail, and kills for the first time to steal the gold that will make him rich, to his adulthood when he uses the gold and the power it brings to control a whole town and the people in it. Only it is not the gold alone that gives him ability to say who lives or dies. It is the sadistic and vile nature of the man that gives him the real power, creating fear so strong in the people he controls, they dare not do anything against him.

Follow how Jeff Burns and his friends find a way back in time to face this evil man. The outcome of their battle of good versus evil will entertain the reader for many hours, until the surprising end.

Along the way the rest of the cast comes into play. Bill Mathey, the billionaire, corporate CEO-turned rancher, owning all of the land plus thousands more acres than Ramey had acquired in the past. His sister Marcy, a surgeon, comes to play a major part in the life of Sheriff Burns.

Let us not forget Rexnard Bentley, powerful rich geologist, an expert pilot, and his constant companion Shadow his cat. Rexnard plays such a major part in A Transgression in Time that you can't help liking and admiring this overweight, genius of a man. And there are other players supporting the main characters that the reader will not soon forget.

A Transgression in Time is so full of action, most readers say it is hard to put down. The transition between time periods flows so smoothly and the story melds the characters together so completely the reader doesn't have to change stride to know where they are at any one time. R.Howard Trembly.

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