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Book: The Lazy Way to Improve Myopia - Reversing Nearsightedness In Just Five Minutes a Day by Enck Kanaj

Book: The Lazy Way to Improve Myopia - Reversing Nearsightedness In Just Five Minutes a Day by Enck Kanaj

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Enck Kanaj

about this book: I am a lazy person, so this book will be brief. The reason for being lazy is that it is the right path to follow to achieve everything in life. This idea or principle is not new. This is a core principle and is found abundantly in nature. Mother Nature is very lazy and always finds the shortest path to creation. The laziness of Mother Nature is reflected in every law of physics, which physicists know best. They call it the "Principle of Least Action". For example, in the law of gravity we see that an object finds the shortest path to travel.

However, let me return to my subject; do you know why myopia is so widespread today? Myopia is so common now because Mother Nature did not care about the future when she set the evolution of our eyes in motion. Our eyes were designed and evolved only to guarantee our survival in our ancestral environment. That is the primary reason why myopia is so widespread today. Our modern environment and our lifestyle are transforming at an extraordinarily rapid rate, while the evolution of our eyes is very slow by comparison. Thus, our eyes cannot adapt to the rapid changes in our modern lifestyle. They evolve slowly because nature is "lazy". That discrepancy between slow biological evolution and the revolution in our lifestyle is the cause of widespread myopia. Therefore, the solution is to try to use our eyes in the way for which they evolved, and the current stage of evolution of our eyes is still the same as that of our ancestors who used to live in the forests. Thus, we have to use our eyes in the same way our ancestors used them in order to survive. Undoubtedly, Mother Nature will cause our eyes to evolve further so that, ultimately, they will adapt to our new lifestyle. However, because she is lazy, it will require too much time, possibly thousands of years. Thus, the solution is to follow the way of Mother Nature.

Do not get angry with me when I say that Nature is lazy. I am not insulting it. On the contrary, the laziness principle is the wisest one. The problem is with us humans, who do not understand that excellent principle and so do not incorporate it in our modern world.

But the laziness of nature does not end here. She also replicated the models of our biological energy systems throughout the body and interconnected them holographically. We know from Traditional Chinese Medicine that the energetic system of our body exists in some form of hologram-like pattern wherein each part of the system receives information and energy from all over the body. The energetic map of the body can be accessed and is imprinted in the foot, hand, ear, eye, etc. This means that if one part suffers then the other parts suffer too; that is the bad news. But the good news is that if we heal one part, we heal many other parts, and the eyes are holographically connected with the entire body and mind. Due to this hologram-like pattern of the body's energetic system, stiffness in the neck is reflected in stiffness in the extrinsic ocular muscles. Stiff extrinsic ocular muscles cause myopia. Moreover, mental stress also is reflected to and causes stiffness in the neck that, similarly, leads to myopia.

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