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Book: The Death Broker by David Carter

Book: The Death Broker by David Carter

categories: Book, Thriller, Crime Novel, Crime Fiction, Crime Stories, Detective Novel, Detective Stories, Suspense, Police Novel, Cozy Mysteries, Modern Fiction, Murder Mystery


David Carter

about this book: Hello to you, wherever you may be. I've been asked to write a few words about the new Inspector Walter Darriteau mystery, "The Death Broker" and I'm told they want something fresh and new, and something that has never been written about the book before.

That's far enough, and I will, but before I do that, let's just say that I have a little secret surprise for you in a minute or two, so do stay tuned for that.

When I first started writing "The Death Broker" I did so with the firm aim in mind of writing a brief novella of maybe a hundred pages or so, with the aim of putting it out at a very low price, with the thought of introducing a load of new readers to Inspector Walter Darriteau, and his team.

But as I was writing this book, it became a wee bit more involved than I'd planned, as it often does, and the final story ran to around 240 pages, which was and is, a little more than a novella. Here follows a brief blurb for the book.


"The Death Broker" tells the story of seventeen-year-old Rhiannon Reece. She's an only child and lives with her aging grandparents. Her mother was killed in a tragic traffic accident in Greece when she was just one, and her grief-stricken father, unable to cope with events, disappeared to Australia and has never been since.

On morning, Rhiannon sets off for school, as per normal, but she does not arrive, and she's not gone to her boyfriend's place, or to her school friends either. None of them have seen her. Worse still, come the evening, she does not return home to her grandparents, who are understandably, frantic with worry.

Their natural reaction is to call the police, and Inspector Walter Darriteau takes the call, and within minutes he and his team are on the case, in the desperate search for Rhiannon Reece.


The story is set in the ancient city of Chester, and North Wales, just as all the Inspector Walter Darriteau books are. In case you don't know, the four full-length cases that have already been published are "The Murder Diaries – Seven Times Over", "The Sound of Sirens", "The Twelfth Apostle", and "Kissing a Killer", all of which are out and available in paperback, and ebooks on most well known platforms.

But back to "The Death Broker". As I mentioned earlier, I had always intended to make this book available at a very low price to attract new readers, and that is what I have done. You can order the Ebook right now for less than a cup of coffee at just 99 pence or 99 cents, and I hope you agree that's a fair price for a 240 page Walter Darriteau mystery. It can be ordered on Kindle, iTunes iBooks, Nook. Kobo, Scribd, Tolino, and other formats too.

So what was that little secret I mentioned at the top?

It's this, and don't tell everyone – keep it yourself!

You can get a full copy of "The Death Broker" right now for FREE when you subscribe to my mailing list. That's right, a completely free copy, it's not an extract, it's not an abridged version, it's not the first part leaving you swinging, it's not a part-book, it's not something that requires you to buy something else at a later date, but the full and complete 240 page edition, and you can be reading that within a matter of minutes from now.

How? Simply by subscribing to my occasional newsletter.

You can do that by visiting my website at, see the link below, and follow "The Death Broker" links, job done, and you can choose from a variety of files too, to suit yourself.

And, incidentally, I promise never to sell your email address, I will not bombard you with countless nuisance emails, just an occasional newsletter, full of news and information about my Inspector Walter Darriteau stories, and my other books too, of special pricing offers, and even more freebies and promotional deals too, so it's worth signing up, and don't forget you can cancel your subscription at any time if it's not for you, and you still keep your copy of "The Death Broker" as a thank you for your interest.

If you simply prefer to buy it for 99p or 99c then I am not complaining! I appreciate your patronage, and I have a huge electricity bill to pay, so every penny in sales is most welcome!

"The Death Broker" is available in paperback and as an ebook, and I hope you like it, and if you do, I'd really appreciate a quick review being posted here down below. That would be very kind of you.

Thanks for your interest. Have a great day!

David C.

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