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Book: The Mummy by Renald Iacovelli

Book: The Mummy by Renald Iacovelli

categories: Book, Horror, Humor, Bizarre, Mummies, Fiction, Literature, Mummy

Renald Iacovelli

about this book: Essentially this is a story about changing—about realizing one is stuck in a rut and anaesthetized into an unconscious acceptance of routine and adopted expectations, and finding that there is after all more to life than what one has come to expect from it. This reevaluation sometimes occurs when there is the death of a loved one, or a health crisis; in THE MUMMY, it occurs to Harold Ostrich when he buys a mummy that comes to life and, at first terrifyingly, overturns his preconceived notions of reality. From there a reevaluation of his life and society slowly unfolds.

Young adults will find the book interesting because of its presentation of the unworldly; older adults will see the allegory behind the obvious and enjoy the cynical humor sprinkled throughout—a humor by turns silly, outrageous, and mostly cynical. It is hoped writers will find the book interesting from a technical standpoint. Like any book it has its shortcomings—maybe even more than most!—but here and there are moments of insight expressed with care and craft, in sentences or paragraphs that took days to refine. The more one writes the more one understands that it is not just what one wants to say that is important but how to say it.

It took four years to write THE MUMMY and the hardest part of it was—well, writing it. Some of this was owing to high expectations the writer always sets himself, and some to the character of the mummy and its limitations as a character. One has to "pull teeth" constantly when the best one's interlocutor can do in the way of conversation is an impetuous "Urff!" But that also makes up much of the humor in the book. Amazing the conversations Harold Ostrich can hold with a creature that can only grunt back! Still more amazing how these conversations help him understand himself and the world around him.

The cover conveys the spirit of the work: a mixture of the mysterious and mundane. There the mummy is, in the "disguise" Ostrich has concocted for it: the overcoat, scarf, hat, and mirrored sunglasses that are meant to hide its horrid appearance from both himself and the public, but which can never make it inconspicuous. A high definition image of the cover can be downloaded on the web site.

It is hoped that people who like the idea of the book will download a few of the sample pages provided and spread the word on social media. And thanks for looking!

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