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Book: The Tales of The Chosen by Matthew Faulkner

Book Reviews: The Tales of The Chosen by Matthew Faulkner

categories: Book, Mind Controlling

Author: Matthew Faulkner
Publisher: Matthew Faulkner
Brand: Brand: Matthew Faulkner

 Fun read

The book was not bad; I think I will tell my book club about it. I am kind of hoping there will be a second one published. I would recommend this to a friend. [by Jake]

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 Night-Shift Reader

I work the third shift at work and if you worked the third shift, you would know how painfully boring it is to sit there for hours on in doing nothing. I often read articles online but I got in trouble and now I can't be on the computer. I wasn't sure what a "good book" was so I asked around and ended up in my local library. Someone there recommended this book to me and it was such a smooth read. I really enjoyed it and props to the writer! Oh wow, I guess I am not the only one (just found some more reviews online) :D [by Jacob]

 Read during Day Care-baby siting

I finally got the kids asleep for an afternoon nap and was able to sit down. I began to reach for the TV remote to "possibly" relax for the length of nap but my hand it this book instead…so I picked it up and read the back. It kind of reminded me of school a little bit. I began reading the first few chapters, this book was such a fast pace read! I was really enjoying the book until the kids starting crying, of course. When I got home I ordered a copy and finished the book up. Then I later told my mom about it and she told her coworkers at work. You are really missing out people, check this book out! [by Jenny]

 Read in-between classes for school

I was stuck waiting for one of my classes...I didn't find out till later (half-way threw my class time block) that my class was canceled. I had to wait for my parents to pick me up anyway so I started to read the Tales of the Chosen. Passed by the time really quickly, I think I am going to finish it when I get home D: [by Tim]

 A Great Airplane Read

I found this book online and bought the eBook...was it worth it! My flight got delayed and I remembered buying this book for my iPhone. I started to read it and read it...and read it...The next thing I know I am the only one sitting around in the airplane lobby. I thought I may have missed my flight, then I heard final boarding call. Bottom Line: You will get hooked fast reading this book =] [by Jane]

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