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Book: Hangar 84 by Gary Jones

Book: Hangar 84 by Gary Jones

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Gary Jones

Author Gary Jonesabout this book: Although Hangar 84 is humorous fiction, it reflects my never-before-told theory of the Roswell Incident.

In July 1947, the United States Army Air Force did not recover a flying saucer, nor did they simply mistake a weather balloon for a flying saucer. When Roswell Army Air Field issued their famous press release about recovering a flying saucer, they lied to earn their independence from the Army.

when I started researching this project in 1998, I believed the Air Force may have recovered a crash flying saucer. After all, why couldn't an extraterrestrial craft go out of control and crash - aliens probably 'text' while they drive too, right?

But what I found shocked me. The ufologists who support (and often profit) from the crashed saucer theory lack verifiable evidence. The garbage they spew is largely based on hearsay and speculation from other pathetic phonies hoping for their '15 minutes'.

If you're looking for a light-hearted military farce, a revealing twist on Roswell's flying saucer, and maybe a few laughs, this novel is for you.

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