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Book: KARMA - The Definitive Guide to the Supreme Law of this World by Richard Andrew King

Book: KARMA - The Definitive Guide to the Supreme Law of this World by Richard Andrew King

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Richard Andrew King

Author Richard Andrew Kingabout this book: Life is serious business. This human incarnation for each of us is far more critical than we know. The writings and teachings of Saints throughout the ages tell us that karma is the Great Law of this world, that no one escapes it, and that we are all bound by it and to it, and the sooner we reconcile ourselves with it the better.

Benefits of "KARMA – The Definitive Guide to the Supreme Law of this World?" Perhaps the greatest benefit is knowledge and the power emanating from it, especially knowledge of reincarnation and transmigration – spiritual realities that are not common to many people. Yet, Saints inform us that karma, reincarnation and transmigration are part of the fabric of this creation. Why have their realities been obscured, even hidden from the collective consciousness of mankind?

Karmic Law states: "What we sow we reap and we cannot reap what we do not sow." This is a simple idea but true nonetheless. Think of Karmic Law as an algorithm sewn into the fabric of this world, a self-operating law that is based on a very simple principle: "What we do will be done to us" eventually; maybe not in this lifetime but certainly in a future life or lives.

Reincarnation means "to take another form." However, that "form" may not be human but rather subhuman. In other words, reincarnation does not guarantee we will be reborn as a human being in another life. We could be reborn in any species of the animal, aves, oceanic, insect or plant kingdoms.

Transmigration means to move (migrate) from form to form. It is the centerpoint of the "Wheel of Transmigration," which is a construct of 8,400,000 forms into which the soul can incarnate. Within this "Wheel," the human form is the highest and only form into which God places himself, thus making it possible for the soul to merge into His Energy and escape from the labyrinthine prison of this creation. Those souls stuck in the Wheel – in the remaining 8,399,999 other forms of life – are not granted this most auspicious opportunity which is reserved only for humans.

"KARMA – The Definitive Guide to the Supreme Law of this World" explains these principles and much more and why it would be wise for us to consciously live by Karmic Law, that is if we're spiritually motivated to make choices positive to our divine ascent while in a human body. What we put onto the Circle of Life most definitely circles back to encircle us. Much of what we sow, however, entraps us, not liberates us from this world, from this creation. Therefore, our moment-to-moment actions are critical to our future existence.

Once this life and its sacred human body are lost, the opportunity of God Realization is lost. The time to act is now. Knowledge is power, and understanding karma and its reality in our lives will surely be a blessing to us in our divine journey.

Karma is not happenstance. It is our own actions which serve as seeds generating reactions manifesting the reaping of those seeds. We sow, we reap and we cannot reap what we do not sow. The knowledge contained in "KARMA – The Definitive Guide to the Supreme Law of this World" – offers critical insight into the choices we make every moment of every day to either enslave us or liberate us as we continue evolving or devolving, in rising or falling, on the Divine Ladder of Life.

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