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Book: The Gemini Child - The York Street Series Book 2 by Shea Meadows

Book: The Gemini Child - The York Street Series Book 2 by Shea Meadows

categories: Book, Adventure, Psychics, Mystery, Ghosts, Legends, Romance, Family, Culture, Orient, Travel, Metaphysical Fantasy

Shea Meadows

Author Shea Meadowsabout this book: The Gemini Child is the second book following the adventures of identical twin sisters. In the first book, The Gemini Bridge, the reader is introduced to Ricky Banner a nurse whose life is full of shattered relationships and alienation from her twin. Her sister, Tilda Banner, is known to many by the name of Moon Angel.

Ricky doesn't believe in the mystical reality which is the substance of Moon Angel's life, so they stop communicating. Ricky lives in Chicago with her fiancé, and Moon Angle has created a spiritual network of books, teachings and miraculous events from her home in Minneapolis. They visit now and then, but never talk about their lives because the divide is so deep.

Moon Angel dies in the first book, just as Ricky breaks away from her fiancé and her job. Signs point to Moon's death being a murder. Moon was a spirit communicator in life, and her sister now becomes the reluctant heir to her legacy.

By the time the Gemini Child begins, Ricky has solved the mystery of Moon's death, moved into Moon's home, and evolved into a spirit communicator who is just as powerful as her sister. The sisters continue to work together, one from Spirit World and the other now officially her successor.

Ricky is now Ricky Clark. She and David Clark, a detective she met in The Gemini Bridge are married. The book begins with the birth of their child, Nory. Nory used to be a ghost in their home and is born with memories of her past life and ghost-hood. An artifact, left behind by Norton Reston her former father, radiates deadly energy. Nory knows of this threat, and being able to communicate with her parents, tells them about the sinister activities of Norton Reston's ghost.

The Gemini Child follows them as they discover clues and ultimately travel half way around the world to China to stop Norton Reston and disarm the artifact.

There are many stories within the story, demonstrating the abilities of Ricky, Moon, David and Nory to work with both the physical and metaphysical. Ghosts help them at times but at other times become a threat. The readers see the progression as information reaches them through unexpected sources, and new companions join them on their quest.

I wrote this book because it reflects my deep fascination with spirit communication, energy healing, past life experiences and the progression of the soul from one incarnation to another. People who are students of these focuses will enjoy this book I'm sure. I had a recent client that purchased both The Gemini Bridge and The Gemini Child and read them one after another. As she left her appointment, she expressed how happy she was that Nelly, the ghost in the first book, became Nory, Ricky and David's daughter in the second.

Each book took a year to write. The Gemini Bridge was written during 2015 and The Gemini Child was written during 2016 and only recently published. Do you have to read "Bridge" first? No, not really. Both books are complete adventures. It is more fun, though, if you do so.

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